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Victor from dogtrotting.net

Victor from dogtrotting.net

Dogtrotting.net is a magazine-style blog built on a love of dogs, a love of travel and a desire to somehow merge the two in our everyday lives. Sometimes when hitting the open road we can take our canine companions with us, while other times we’re globetrotting across countries and seeking out a dog fix in the form of a friendly fury face on a cafe stool, a museum featuring replicas of human’s best friend, or a surprise tribute to canine companions well-loved.

Dogtrotting.net will feature well-written articles about all these things, posted twice a month. The first Monday of the month you’ll receive a dog-friendly travel narrative based on first person (and canine) experience complete with important where, when and how information. In the middle of the month you’ll get a service feature with links to informative sites offering practical advice, or a book review, or a feature image of a charming dog just too photogenic to pass by.

Most importantly, dogtrotting.net wants to hear from you. Where have you been with your dog? What destinations or sites near you are dog-friendly? What inspires you to travel, with or without your pet? Let us know in the comment section each and every post. So sign up via email at www.dogtrotting.net right now and share with other dog and travel enthusiasts.

Dogtrotting.net is a companion site to www.horsetrotting.net and – eventually –  www.cattrotting.net, so why not check those out too? Sign up via email for all three, because what’s better than one animal travel site? Three.

– Sherri


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Hi Sherri, thank you for your email. I was nice connecting through Travel Massive. I might be interested in doing an interview with you about travelling with pets / dogs. Please contact me by email at sq (at) travelandtransitions.com

    Susanne Pacher, Publisher

    1. Sounds good. I started this blog a few months ago so have many more posts planned – and more traveling experiences coming up including taking the dogs on a houseboat…

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