Saskatoon: Pooches, Hooches, and a soon-to-be framed Shih Tzu dog

Shih Tzu

Greeting card by Rosanna Parry

This week, I will get this image framed. I found it in a pile of stuff in my office and remembered I purchased this irresistible photo card – of a wind-blown Shih Tzu looking like a movie star – at the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan farmers market a couple of years ago when I was visiting the city for a writer’s conference.

Early Saturday morning, before the daily sessions started, participants like me opted to get on a bus and schlep a short distance to the indoor/outdoor site of what’s usually a not-to-miss stop in any city, especially if you’d like to meet some colourful locals.

This image was taken by Rosanna Parry, a Hong Kong-born Saskatoon teacher who sells her images in framed, canvas and card forms around the city. She was one of many local artisans, almost equal in numbers to produce sellers, at the small but crammed Saskatoon Farmers Market open Tuesday to Sunday year round at 414 Avenue B South.

Along with the photo I picked up a bottle of whiskey from Last Mountain Distillery, the first micro distillery in a province known for grain production. My pooch Victor, unfortunately, wasn’t able (read: allowed) to attend a writer’s conference with me and whenever I’m gone and he’s not, he stays with my boyfriend who’s always rewarded for his help with a bottle of whiskey. (The boyfriend, not the dog). Even better if the bottle is locally produced.

Also at the market when I was there was a fabric crafter who had doggie accessories for sale, including kitschy print bandanas, now a staple at almost every craft fair and market thanks to a growing pet obsession. Maybe each time I travel, Victor should get a new neck accessory along with the boyfriend getting his hooch. Only thing is, the boyfriend likes whisky more than the dog likes being decorated. So perhaps I’ll stick to animal photos, and booze (of course).

Oat Boys Saskatoon Farmers Market

Oat Boys oatmeal cookies

Saskatoon Farmer's Market

Lettuce bouquets at the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market

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