Getting Crafty: Easy Pet Wreath & More…

Create something for the sake of creating,” was the advice I read recently. It’s not about gifts or gaining a side-hustle; it’s about channeling your focus into a methodical hands-on activity. Add pets into the mix and you’ve got a double whammy of boosting mental health and well-being. And who can’t use a little more of that?

A year ago, I was starting to think buying craft supplies and actually crafting are two different hobbies. But thanks to recent events this year, I’ve cracked open storage boxes of yarn, fleece, rhinestones and ribbons and started to glue, pin and tie stuff together into pet-themed creative creations.

Now, what to do with that loopy white yarn that reminded me of soft snow and just happened to be on sale. Add a Styrofoam ring and I’m visualizing a wreath. (It’s not a stretch).

Done in a day: One afternoon of inspiration and few purchased pieces from a clearance bin and I’ve got a dog-themed snow-inspired holiday wreath, the only thing I’m hanging on the door this year.

What you’ll need:

2 skeins of chenille-style looping white yarn

1 12-inch (30.5 cm) diameter Styrofoam ring

1 premade red ribbon bow or two feet of white red ribbon to tie one

1 stuffed dog on a stick (or any small stuffed pup to sit in the centre)

What to do:

Steps One and Two: Gather the stuff you’ll need and start with your wreath form and yarn.

Steps Three and Four: Tie one end of a skein of white yarn around the Styrofoam ring tightly then wrap the yarn around and around the ring, firm but not overly tight. Tie the end to the next skein of yarn and keep wrapping until the entire ring is covered, pushing the loops gently together. Two skeins should neatly encase the ring. Tie the end tightly like the beginning.

Step Five: Tie a pre-made bow on the bottom wreath or loop a red ribbon into a bow and tie onto the wreath with at twist tie.

Step Six: I found a cute stuffed dog on the end of a stick in a major craft supply store. I cut the stick to about three inches in length then pushed the stick into the wreath (a benefit of Styrofoam), so the toy dog sits behind the bow but inside the wreath. If you are far more crafty than me, crochet or knit your own animal to sit inside the wreath for an even more homemade touch.

finished loopy yarn white wreath

Step Seven: Tie a ribbon on the top of the wreath for hanging. There’s really no way to do this incorrectly. I bought an over-the-door hook and had my decorating done.

Other easy pet crafting ideas:

Finally, Paw Print Art. If it’s not a genre, then it should be. Here’s a list of ways to do it and you know it’s our next project while isolating this holiday in our bubble of fur: 3 Ways to Get Your Dog’s Paw Print

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  1. So nice to read about an uplifting topic that is just about doing something for interest sake! I’m
    not into crafts. But your article reminded me to be sure to make time to do things we enjoy – just for fun! Thanks!

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