Where to find Pet Print Fabric Face Masks: Express Your Dog Love

Brave new world. And a brave new fashion accessory. Disposal masks are polluting lakes and parks, so re-usable and washable masks it is for me. Despite whatever argument against them, wearing a facial mask is a small sacrifice to make for the greater good. We’re all in this together, right?

two dogs with face in mask on 'Where to find fabric face masks' poster

Plus, I value the guidance of well-educated medical experts. Epidemiology is fascinating – and complicated. Here’s a concise explanation from the Mayo Clinic answering the question: How much protection do face mask offer? Makes a lot of sense from the same people we go to for any other medical advice.

If there’s even a chance wearing masks helps reduce viral spread – and it makes others more comfortable – I’m in. But I’m doing it my way – masks with pet motifs. Yes, masks are the new concert t-shirt of the 80s – we get to announce our values and interests but this time in bands across our face.

All this leads to my quest this week: I wanted to find washable masks made or sold by small business, but they had to be covered with pet themes: dogs, cats, paw prints and whiskers. You name it.

Yes, that’s specific. So where did I find pet print masks?

Pet Print Masks in Canada

First, I started by shopping locally and looked for a masking making artisan near me. Several creators of dog accessories – bows, collars and bandanas – have added masks to online stores, particularly since all vendor opportunities at pet festival disappeared in 2020.

face masks with dog prints

Doggy BowtiqueDoggy Bowtique (formally Made in the Hammer) based in Hamilton, Ontario has been producing fun pet bow ties with Velcro that wrap around a dog’s collar – and you can buy the matching the collar too. We have a storage box full of them.

Morty’s BandanasMorty’s Bandanas, also based in Hamilton, Ontario, offers some matching masks and bowtie combos so you and your dog can rock a matching look. Even better, you can announce your dog mom status with a set of five colours.

EndlessPawsibilities – Brick and mortar store in Port Colburn, Ontario, Endless Pawsibilities offers all the handcrafted pet items they sell at artisan fairs in one place under one roof. Not only do they have fabric face masks, but you and your pooch can match up.

No, dogs don’t wear masks, and these aren’t pet prints, but with new fall fabrics in stock, you can match your dog’s bandana, to your mask and even hair scrunchie. (And when this mask thing is over, you’ve still got matching pet and hair accessories).

Ladybird Animal Sanctuary – Selling masks, both handmade and with print logos, is a great way for animal rescues to continuing raising money when festivals and events aren’t happening. Check out Ladybird’s masks on Etsy Canada. Special note: Ladybird is where I found my precious cat Daisy.

Canada Pooch – Larger Canadian pet companies are adding masks to their catalogues, including Canada Pooch. Canada Pooch is best known for producing cute winter dog coats and hoodies, similar to people coats, and noticeably appropriate for Canadian winters. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Pooch masks are black with white dog graphics and made with washable antimicrobial fabric.

Pet Print in the United States

Second, I searched Etsy, likely many people’s go to for hand-crafted items. There’s no shortage of dog prints – some are from print-on-demand services and some are actually hand sewn by the designer. One such example is the subtle paw print design from LNK ink – pink, gold or black print on white or black backgrounds.

The Sewing Life – Or The Sewing Life has many prints in hand-sewn mask, prints you might recognize from local fabric store chains.

Crafty Wee Canuck – Finally, if you’d prefer your purchase be dispatched from Canada, select one of four cute dog character patterns from Crafty Wee Canuck.

Small companies might be more your comfort zone – if so, Teddy the Dog might be your next stop. Teddy the Dog is best known for limited edition t-shirts – irreverent punny funny t-shirts often responses to current events. A cartoon ‘Teddy’ appears on each one and now he and his buddies are scattered across masks. Styles include the over the ear masks along with gaiters – covering the neck and face, which might be great for winter. (This isn’t going away soon).

teddy the dog face mask

Teddy the Dog – Despite being founded in 2006, dogtrotting.net first discovered Teddy the Dog company at the 2018 Blog Paws conference. Since then, I’ve followed new releases of pop culture inspired prints on t-shirts, hoodies and sleepwear. Teddy the Dog. (affiliate link).

Hauspanther – Similarly, cat expert and feline furniture designer, Kate Benjamin (who we also met at BlogPaws) has added handmade in the USA fabric masks to Hauspanther’s collection of cat stuff. Hauspanther claims to be the number one source for cool cat lovers – bed, scratchers, art and wall hung climbers are all part of the company’s repertoire. (My Daisy likes Hauspanther adjustable under the table scratcher – affiliate link)

Pet Print Masks in Australia

Third, I learned there are options, such as Redbubble based in Australia. Redbubble allows artists and designers to upload graphics then prints them on items including masks. (Redbubble boasts carrying designs from more than 700,000 independent artists).

WiseKitty – Check out these yawning cat motifs from WiseKitty, a cat photographer who proclaims her cat Athena as goddess, muse and model for these face masks bound to get noticed.

face mask with dog print

KiraKira Doodles – If you’d prefer dog faces, there are plenty there from all over the world. I’m particularly fond of KiraKiraDoodles with patterns of pug, poms, and wiener pups to chose from.

AnaAna Design – Finally, AnaAnaDesign offers many print-on-demand graphics, including a design featuring random dog drawings on blue, pink or beige backgrounds and some funky black and white ones too.

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