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Clearly, travel with our dogs has been limited to local jaunts and primarily car trips, likely within an easy driving distance from home. Some people are venturing to dog-friendly hotels, cabins and resorts, while others are staying overnight only in the safety of our homes.

Either way, our dogs are benefiting from increased attention, company and walks. However, we’re also getting firsthand experience with boredom – both ours and our pups.’

Special thanks to our friends at Benebone for sending a special gift: A boredom busting box of activities such as a dog-themed puzzle, card game, dog accessories and of course Benebone dog chews designed for keeping active canine incisors busy.

Benebones are strong nylon chews carefully shaped to increase dogs’ interest and stimulate desirability with flavour.

dog product: benebone
Features of Benebone products:
  • Chew toys made of strong nylon
  • Flavours are made from food-grade bacon, peanuts, chicken, and maple wood
  • No chemicals or artificial flavours
  • Made in the USA.
Considerations when using nylon chews like Benebone products:
dog with benebone
  • Products are indented to be chewed and not ingested
  • Aggressive chewers, young or older dogs might need softer chews to avoid teeth cracks
  • The product can only be chewed for so long. Once it is worn down, brittle or sharp, depose of it and replace it.
  • Select products according to the size of the dog. Chews that are too small for the size of the dog might be accidentally ingested.

Win! Does your dog need to try a Benebone?

win Benebone prize pack - Benebone dog chew with dog toy, ball and blanket

Enter our contest to win a bacon flavoured, medium wishbone shaped Benebone designed for dogs under 60 lbs, along with a fleece dog blanket, bandana, ball and seasonal stuffy toy (for a good tear).

Approximate value: $35. Open to US and Canadian readers until SEPTEMBER 30, 2020.

What’s keeping your dog busy this summer and fall? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. My pups would love this! They are heavy chewers

  2. I recently adopted a new dog after losing a 13 year old dog to adrenal cancer. New dog is almost 3 years old & is great in a lot of ways – house trained, crate trained, etc. However, he is very active & is very interested in finding trouble if he gets bored. We have been busy doing some training on settle & manners! We definitely can use the benebone!

  3. We are still training in agility and spending time in the backyard.

  4. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    my two gals would love a Benebone. they love them, not only do they make good toys but love to play with as well. since mom is sheltering at home, we have just been taking walks and runs in the fields on my property. they miss going to dog events and seeing friends. the only people they have been visiting is the vet recently, many visits for both girls, so they need something to make them smile. all of the local dog events have been canceled.

  5. We’ve been doing lots of hiking and backyard fetch

  6. This looks like a great giveaway! Good luck to everyone – Tweeted to reach others. We’re doing a lot of camping and hiking to get out and enjoy the great outdoors together.

  7. This summer/fall we’re keeping the pups occupied by scheduling a lot of doggie playdates with neighbor dogs and lots of hiking too, plus taking in a regular cast of foster dogs.

  8. Gavin Carroll · · Reply

    Peaches and Percy have been kept busy by exploring and sniffing out new walking trails, and playing with new buddies at various dog parks.

  9. Karen Frewert · · Reply

    I keep Emmi and Elton busy by letting them run amok in the yard to burn a little energy and then we go for a walk up to the elementary school. They have playground equipment with stairs, walking wobble bridge and slides. The pups LOVE to play on this!! The wobble bridge didn’t take too long to master. They do better than mommy!!! Videos on my instagram page at @Showbizkitties

  10. We been doing lots of walks when it’s cool out, playing fetch and Frisbee , and lots of exploring and sniffing!

  11. Lisa Gaudier · · Reply

    How do I enter the contest? By Tweeting alone? That’s the only link provided.

    Thank you for this fantastic opportunity!

    1. Comment is fine – I’ll check the links. Thanks!

    2. Congrats! I drew your name. You won. I’ve sent you an email.

  12. Lewis Catterson · · Reply

    Afternoons at the dog park and weekend road trips have been keeping my Stella busy this summer.

  13. We have been going on longer walks, (when it’s not too hot outside) mostly for my sanity, but for his too. Last Friday we actually adopted another dog into the family, so she’s the thing that’s really been keeping him busy. Our dogs would absolutely love this! Watermelon for the new member, Benebone for my “baby boy”

    1. #win #benebone

    2. Congrats on the new dog!

  14. Wendy Browne · · Reply

    Not much has changed for us as we’re homebodies. My Boston terrier can’t deal with the summer heat.

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