Review: Hear Doggy silent squeaky toy

white dog with Hear Doggy dog toy

Being at home with the pets is a fabulous benefit those who work from home know.

Now, more of us know it, including myself who’s been monitoring online classes while my two cats lobby for my attention and my dog and adventurous travel companion Victor – diagnosed with dementia – walks around, and around and around, occasionally getting ‘stuck’ under my chair.

Don’t get me wrong – I love being home with my fur family, I just wish it was under better circumstances. But while we cloister away (those who can), a multitude of coping strategies abound.

For example …

Social media is brimming with the game ‘my work colleague is ….” – the blank is what your pet is doing right now. For instance…

  • “My work colleague is bathing herself in the staffroom.”
  • “My work colleague is sleeping under the desk and he thinks we don’t know.
  • “Or “My work colleague is interrupting our staff meeting with a squeaky toy.”

That last one I can help you with.

Hear Doggy – the ultrasonic toy only dogs can hear. That’s right. Squeaker toys dogs respond to buy not humans. Imagine the quiet in your home office now. was given product to review in exchange for an honest review (#sponsored).

No more annoying squeaky toys to distract you, according to WorldWise pet products that gave several Hear Doggy toys (affiliate link US) to try after a visit to SuperZoo, one of the biggest annual pet American industry trade shows. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to effectively test Hear Doggy (affiliate link CAN) with my dog Victor – who’s lost his hearing in his advanced years.

So, I recruited Layla and Luke to help us out. (Layla and Luke also helped use out with Sports Sack too). The end result? Toy-crazy Luke heard every squeak. I, however, did not.

Hear Doggy (affiliate link US) works at a frequency higher than humans can hear, taking the annoying noise out of squeaky toys but not the fun. If your dog digs for the squeaker (as most do), he’ll likely still do that with these toys too, but most WorldWise pet products (affiliate link CAN) are make with ‘chew guard technology,’ – a super tough durable liner and reinforced seams extending playtime potential.

There’s five fun characters to chose from including a pig and a cow.

And here’s the really fun part:

You Can Win a Hear Doggy Prize Pack!

Enter’s “Self-isolate with your Pet” Contest.

Simply leave a comment below telling us what your ‘work colleague’ is up to this week and you’ll be entered to win one of two prize packs: A Hear Doggy toy and a chew stick to keep them busy and a fleece doggie blanket to curl up in when they wear out. (Pig or Cow preference? Let us know that too).

Contest open to US and Canadian residents. Contest closes April 15, 2020. Approximate prize value: $30 (CAN). Winners will be contacted via email and have two weeks to respond.

Leave a comment below.

(And if you wish, sign up to receive via email).

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Writer bio: Sherri Telenko has been a professional writer for decades and a travel writer for the last two. She’s a member of TMAC (Travel Media Association of Canada) and Dog Writers Association of America and travels almost weekly with her canine companion, Victoria. Contact Sherri at here. All written content is original, written by a person, and based on experience and research. Please subscribe!


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  3. Karen Frewert · · Reply

    I have 2 pups. Elton will be 1 on April 26th and Emmi just turned 4 on March 10th. We were supposed to have a combined birthday party for them but had to cancel due to Covid 19. Pups are very upset they cannot see their friends for playdates or go near any on our potty walks. They are such good babies and are cooperating as best as they can. I think they deserve to win these!!

  4. Alicia Parker · · Reply

    My work colleague Is squeaking toys through the office!!

  5. Linda Szymoniak · · Reply

    I’m home full-time with my furbabies, and while my three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds love to play, my youngest – Megumi – is obsessed with squeaky toys. When it’s just me home, the dogs are actually pretty quiet during the day. However, for the past three weeks – and for the unforeseeable future, the husband is working from home. The dogs think it’s vacation time and are extra active, despite the fact that he has to work and often has to take meetings over the phone through the morning and afternoon. Megumi is especially playful with her toys with him home, and this sound really gets the husband upset when he’s working. I’d love some “silent” squeaker toys for her!

  6. My son’s dog Echo would simply love one of these toys to play with!

  7. What a great idea for a toy. One of my guys LOVES a squeaker and loves squeaking at the worst times. Dogs must have a sense about these things. Thank yiu for the contest my guys would love this toy.

  8. Love the piggie my colleagues hopefully whips up some peanut butter cookies for me

  9. My work colleague is laying on his back while I rub his tummy !

  10. Mary jennings · · Reply

    My doggy bella is self isolating

  11. Suzanne perry · · Reply

    My boy Cooper is next to me squeaking his piggy, then when I dont respond he jumps up and kisses me!

  12. Essidy · · Reply

    My work colleague is digging up my yard in search of spring this week 😂

  13. Milica Ljubic · · Reply

    My work colleague just snores all day while I do everything. And we like the pig one if we win please. 🙂
    We never win anything. 💔🐾

  14. Milica Ljubic · · Reply

    I would love testing this toy with my dog! Fingers crossed !

  15. My “work colleague” is probably going to try and chew on the couch covers while we’re not looking because she’s teething right now. She’s also gonna be doing a lot of sleeping and playing.

  16. Suzie Lambert · · Reply

    My work colleague loves to play with with squeaky noisy toys. The beautiful Pink Pig would be just perfect for my little Maya. Plus an extra blanky would make her day! Anybody who walks in with a bag, she automatically thinks it’s a gift for her. This would be a perfect surprise. She sleeps with me and brings a blanky and a toy with her all the time.😊🐾🐶

    1. Congrats! You were randomly selected via draw to win a dog toy. I will email you. Thanks for entering!

  17. Lindsay · · Reply

    I’m trying to find ways to entertain my little morkie while I work from home. He is very playful and loves toys that make noise. These silent squeaky animal toys would be perfect for him!!!

  18. Barbara Humeny · · Reply

    My colleague thinks she is my step stool and my other colleague thinks i need to do step over exercises over their body lol but wouldnt gave it any other way would love to win for my furbabies ♡♡

  19. Jasmine · · Reply

    This would be cool, my fiancee hates the squeaky toys, so this would be perfect!

  20. Ralph Klinke · · Reply

    Would love to win

  21. Kelly Kennedy · · Reply

    Adorable prize! I love the cow!

  22. Kim Scobie · · Reply

    Sorry first comment didn’t fit parameters. My work colleagues are waiting to lick my dish after I finish eating.

  23. Kim Scobie · · Reply

    I have a dog who is a singer/songwriter with his squeaky toys, so a toy like this would be great when you are on the phone.

  24. Penny love · · Reply

    Bliss loves her sqeaky toys

    1. Congrats! You were randomly selected via draw to win a dog toy. I will email you. Thanks for entering!

  25. My colleague rang her bell and asked me to take her outside to pee

  26. My work colleague rang her bell and asked me to take her outside to pee

  27. Miranda Zsigmond · · Reply

    My work colleagues Zoolander and CoCoa Marshmallow VanillaBean the chihuahuas and Mademoiselle Tournesol the French bulldog are quick to alert the rest of the office when anyone walks by. Or a bird flies by. Or the wind blows. They are the best coworkers you could ever have and make isolation bearable!

  28. swannee8 · · Reply

    Lovely prize for my pup

  29. My work colleague during this time is making tic tok videos with their pets!!

    My Presa Canario Nixon would love the Piggy!

  30. Sara Alfred · · Reply

    Our work colleagues are business as usual with a lot more company during they day. They are working on their social skills as they like to snore and fart most of the day!! Frank and Anabelle two English bulldogs.

  31. Carol Golden · · Reply

    Nice my pups need more toys

  32. Jonnie · · Reply

    These are so adorable! My “work colleague” has a ramp she usually uses to get up and see what’s going on in the world outside our window but she is being quite a princess this week and has decided that she wants to be lifted up when she wants to look out the window. Apparently walking up ramps is no longer in her job description!

  33. allison hoffman · · Reply

    my work colleage is napping and going for lots of walks! But he says he could definitely use some new toys 🙂

  34. Two of my coworkers went on a supervised/leashed first walk in the back yard yesterday, with my right-hand gal Jasmine, who may be promoted as a result. I’m slightly partial to the pig, but I will go with the flow on that. These prizes will be saved for whenever I get my next foster dog.

  35. Lynda Nye · · Reply

    My co-worker is guarding the “office” from all potential threats, like mailmen, squirrels, cats etc..

  36. Erica Stark · · Reply

    My coworker wishes we were able to be back at the office working. He helps me still from home.. but misses being out working. Now he wants more snacks since we are home.

  37. Kelly Seals · · Reply

    My Colleague is oddly immulating a snake as he sits eating peanut butter .

  38. Jerri Loper · · Reply

    My fur babies are lounging and loving being by my side as I work from home especially when I share a bite of my lunch 😉

  39. My co-workers Artie and Bowie tell me they want frequent breaks for fresh air and sunshine so they can do a good job, but they will not explain what their jobs entail. They also need naps after lunch everyday. I think I need a new profession.

  40. Daniel Scott · · Reply

    My co-workers Artie and Bowie tell me they want frequent breaks for fresh air and sunshine so they can do a good job, but they will not explain what their jobs entail. They also need naps after lunch everyday. I think I need a new profession.

  41. Wendy Browne · · Reply

    My coworker spends a lot of the day napping or asking for snacks.

  42. My coworker watches me eat my lunch everyday.

  43. Melody · · Reply

    My work colleagues are running around!

  44. Melody · · Reply

    My dogs would love this! Especially the cow!

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