Chillin’ at Home: Special Social Isolation Dog Treat Recipe Roundup

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Spring 2020 will go down in history as the year of social isolation, and we’ll likely remember our collective reactions differently (or maybe nostalgically, if this all works out). But for now, I’m relishing the time spent at home with my dog, Victor, and two cats, Sally and Daisy.

Why not take this time to perfect some dog treat recipes? For the past two years, I’ve been practicing and posting a variety of creative creations and testing them on my picky little pooch. Fortunately, he has some not-so-picky friends to encourage me.

The long-term plan is to publish a dog treat recipe book, inspired by our road-trip travels around North America. In the meantime, we all need some at home activities this week, and will likely need to save some money in the weeks to come. Here are the highlights.

Welcome to our Social Isolation Dog Treat Recipe Roundup:

Dog Waffles … one of my favourite recipes so far. I mixed up a batch of pumpkin dog waffles with a hint of salmon oil and dusted off the waffle iron. I used this recipe for the first time to celebrate dog brunch with Victor’s bestie. Check out our waffle dog brunch here.

Dog Pretzels … fun when finished, but not as much fun to make as I thought. Turns out, twisting pretzel dough takes a bit practice. But dogs don’t complain much especially when the treats are mostly apple and oats. Check out our dog pub worthy pretzels here.

Dog Donuts … fun when finished, AND fun to make, these donuts for the dogs were popular with the pups and looked cute too. Having a donut mould helped a lot and the peanut butter flavour is my dog’s favourite. Shredded carrots and corn starch with turmeric were the icing on top. Check out our dog donuts here.

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Dog Cakes … my dog’s least favourite (so most went to his buddies) but one of my favourite recipes to make are dog cupcake, maybe because I love people cup cakes. These ‘pup’ cakes are for canines with a bit of a sweet tooth because the predominate flavour is apple and honey. Check out our birthday pup cakes here.

Dog Cheezies … my pup’s second favourite flavour is cheese, so I combined cheese with oats and apples and ended up with a dough you can roll out and cut. Dog bones ended up becoming a popular addition to a potluck (or dare I say, pup luck) gathering. Check out our potluck cheesy dog treats here.

Can’t wait for our dog treat recipe cookbook?

Check out this one from THREE DOG BAKERY (Amazon affiliate USA) that inspired us. And you’ll also need a Wilton Metal Pet-themed Cookie Cutter Set (Amazon affiliate USA).

In Canada, you can get the same Wilton Metal Pet-themed Cookie Cutters here (Amazon affiliate CA) and the Three Dog Bakery Recipe Book here. (Amazon affiliate CA)

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