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Dogging it in NYC: Day 1 An Evening of Agility

Holster, a six-year-old Australian Sheppard, won the 3rd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Agility Championships 2016. He’s the first of his breed to win the Master’s Agility Competition, an event usually dominated by Border Collies. Even better, I was there to see him win his first 20-inch jumping class Saturday, February 13 at WKC Agility event […]

UPDATE! Dogging It in NYC Day 3: American WKC Dog Show!

  Tonight is the Grand Finale of the 140th American Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Gardens in New York City. Tonight one lucky pup will be Best in Show, taking the crown from last year’s winner Miss P., a Beagle and surprise choice. Tonight, like many other dog lovers, I’ll be watching […]