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Wiener-paw-looz-a Wiener-paw-rocks! Dachshunds Go Wild & 6 Ways to Make Dog Festivals Great

August 10, 2019 was the date of Wiener-paw-looz-a in Hamilton, Ontario, the annual fundraiser for the Ontario chapter of the Canadian Dachshund Rescue, a volunteer-run charity dedicated to rescuing homeless and surrendered Dachshund and Dachshund-crosses. Animals are pulled from shelters, or saved from puppy mills, and fostered until forever homes area found.

Fluffy dachshund (cross?) at Wienerpawlooza 2015

9 things you need to know about Wiener dogs. First, they’re actually Dachshunds….

Here’ some stuff you need to know about dog disc disease, thanks to Dodgerslist.com, an online forum about this issue who had a booth presence at Wiener Plawlooza: