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Top 7 Dogtrotting Spots of 2015

Whoahoo! Dogtrotting.net – the magazine-style blog for globetrotting dog lovers – is one year old! On January 5, 2015, I started writing about dog festivals, fun, and adventures, while carting my schnoodle Victor around with me, camera in one hand and leash (sometimes) in another. I started the blog as a complement to http://www.horsetrotting.net (about […]

Great Canadian 1000 Island Houseboat Dog Adventure – Final Day: We actually make it back

If you want to experience your own Great Canadian Houseboat Adventure in the 1000 Islands, here’s some advice.

Victor is "ready captain" complete with lifejacket

Great Canadian 1000 Islands Houseboat Dog Adventure – Day 3: There Goes the Deposit

Today, we get really adventurous (for us) and decide to navigate our way to Rockport, Ontario (one of the few gas stations we can get the houseboat into) then south pasted the American/Canadian border and onto Heart Island, home of Boldt Castle.


Best Ontario Dog Days of Summer Events – Here’s the List!

Looking forward to summer with the pooch? There’s enough dog-friendly festivals around that you don’t have to leave him at home. Mark your calendar! Here is the 2015 list of dog-related events and festivals coming up in Ontario and other parts of Canada. This list is updated regularly as the Events Page of http://www.dogtrotting.net, so […]