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High Park Dog Park dogtrotting.net

Dog-friendly Toronto: High on High Park Dog Off-leash Park

High Park Dog Off-Leash Park might be the best dog park Victor and I have ever visited. It might be the best dog place in dog-friendly Toronto. Located inside High Park in the west end of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the adventure at this leash-free park (if you can find a free parking spot along the […]

Travel Kitchener: Dog Bathrobes at First Annual Pet Expo

Victor is channeling his inner Hugh Hefner. Well, not really, he’s fixed. (Victor not Hef). But my dog is rocking his new silk smoking jacket microfiber bathrobe from Hapu, a small company I discovered at Kitchener, Ontario’s first annual Pet Expo in May 2016. Yes, that’s right. I bought my dog a bathrobe. In fact, […]

Dog-friendly Hamilton: Doggone Breakfast at Munchies Café & Bakery

Dogs, waffles and coffee … what better way to spend a Sunday? I feel so Parisian – in a dog-friendly cafe to boot. But I’m not in France. Nowhere near it. Dog Friendly Cafe, Hamilton, Ontario I’m at Munchies Coffee House and BARKery in Hamilton, Ontario. Here, your pooch can lie at your feet or […]

May the 4th CONTEST! Win a Star Wars dog collar.

Love dogs? Love Star Wars? Welcome to our May the 4th Star Wars Dog Collar Contest! Win a quality handmade Star Wars dog collar for your own four-legged wookie. Check out these handmade dog collars from Handmade in the Hammer, owned by Alison Chapman here in my (almost) hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. Victor loves these […]

pom pom dog Pet Expo dogtrotting.net

Travel Toronto: Pet Expo Meets the Stars

Thank you social media for giving us celebrity pets. Well, it actually gave us a forum – many forums – for posting images of our interesting, ugly, cute, amazing, and beautiful pets. Some got attention … a lot of attention, primarily by accident. The owners of now famous Grumpy Cat didn’t set out to retire […]

Purina PawsWay

Travel Toronto, Ontario: Purina PawsWay, the city’s best pet play and learn pet emporium

PawsWay, in Toronto, Ontario, will have you tearing up reading the tributes to brave and intuitive hero animals whose photos hang in its Purina Animal Hall of Fame, one of several things to see here. Or it did me, the first time I visited Purina PawsWay – a unique amalgamation:  part hall of fame, part […]

Dog cookies at Pen Hotel NYC

Dogging it in NYC: Day 1 Where my 3-day dog travel adventure started

I heard a lot about the lobby of New York City’s Hotel Pennsylvania – specifically what happens during the Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show every February when hundreds of pedigree pups are carted (or kenneled) into the hotel conveniently located across from Madison Square Gardens, home of the grand evening show ring and Best in […]

Dogging it in NYC: Day 1 An Evening of Agility

Holster, a six-year-old Australian Sheppard, won the 3rd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Agility Championships 2016. He’s the first of his breed to win the Master’s Agility Competition, an event usually dominated by Border Collies. Even better, I was there to see him win his first 20-inch jumping class Saturday, February 13 at WKC Agility event […]

Edie the canine ambassador at Fairmont Pittsburgh

Travel Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Meet the Canine Ambassador at the Fairmont

Canine ambassadors are part of many Fairmont Hotel locations throughout North America where the lobbies are calm enough to accommodate a tail-wagging guest greeter. What a fabulous idea, especially because most North American Fairmont properties are pet-friendly.

two dogs in dogpark, Guelph, Ontario

Dog-friendly Guelph, ON: Hanlon Dog Park Controversy

A city park where dogs can run free along grassy fields, a gravel path and moving water, sounds like a great thing – if you own a dog.

If you live nearby, you might write letters to the newspaper complaining about the park’s popularity and amount of doggie doo doo in the area you take your kids.