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Dogtrotting goes to the cats… wait what? meowfest 2019 here we come! interview with meowfest 2019 organizer Sarita Fichtner.    I don’t talk about this enough, but I was first a cat-lady before my dog Victor dropped in my lap. Suddenly, one of my fur-babies was portable and he and I hit the road. was born. However, cats are my first love. I grew up […]

Today, I lost my soulmate

My heart and soul are broken. Kidney failure finally took my best friend, love and soulmate of 17 years, my cat Kaitlynn. Almost 17 years ago, I walked into the Hamilton SPCA to research information. At the time I lived in a two room (yes, room not bedroom) bachelor apartment in downtown Hamilton and convinced […]

Travel Toronto: Veggielicious Doggone Delish

It surprises me more pet lovers aren’t vegetarians. I once heard a comedian once say, “I’m an animal lover, and eating them is a strange way to show affection.” Funny, because it’s true. For those fur friend enthusiasts who don’t think anything should be prepared rare, medium or well-done, Toronto, Ontario, Canada has got something […]