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Car Travel with Dogs: 7 Tips for Making it Easy

I have been carting my dog Victor – an 11- year-old poodle/schnauzer cross – around since I got him three years ago, and I’ve been figuring it out as I go. I own a Kia Soul (bought before I got Victor) that turned out to be a great dog car because putting the back seat down allows for a lot of doggie space and an hatchback makes in and out easy. So, Victor and I hit the road a lot. Here’s what I’ve learned:

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Happy Dog Traveling Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Victor and friends at dogtrotting! Hope your New Year is filled with dog adventure, hikes, urban strolls, pet festivals and all things furry and happy.

How to Combine Holiday Shopping and Pet Rescue? Shop at Fundraisers.

I’ve decided to do all my holiday shopping at pet rescue fundraisers this year. The idea came to me after a long table of raffle and silent auction items greeted me through the door at a Hamilton Greyhound rescue event recently. Silent auction is a particular vice of mine, combining two of my obsessions: shopping and […]

The 1000 Island Houseboat Adventure Dream with the dog

Kurgo, a supplier of outdoor and active gear for dogs, is sponsoring a contest: Live Your Kurgo Adventure! I’ve entered and would love it if you click on the following link and ‘like’ my idea: Cross-Canada Houseboat Adventure. Here’s my plan … so watch for a blog entry (or more) about this adventure this summer: […]

Toronto: Outdoor Adventure … Safe Paddling with Your Dog: Find Out How!

Thanks to a demonstration at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show, here’s what you need to know to paddle safely with your dog.


Today is National Love Your Pet Day – February 20th

One thing I love about Americans is their holidays – or special days to commemorate. Someone, somewhere (or should I say some organization, somewhere) in the States is proclaiming a special day or month of awareness almost constantly, and frankly that’s fun (and good for editorial content). National Pet Day Guess what? Pets make the […]

Red Ruff Inn Special (Couldn’t Resist)

There’s only a few weeks left but with Family Day in Ontario coming up, I think I might take advantage of Red Roof Inn’s great deal for pet owners. Usually, hotels/motels that are pet friendly charge extra to have the pooches in tow. Not so at the always pet-friendly Red Roof: until the end of […]

dog Launches!

Last August I started with a soft – very soft – launch to make sure all was working and readers were interested. Now the gate is open and is ready to bolt! is a magazine-style blog built on a love of dogs, a love of travel and a desire to somehow merge the […]

Welcome to is a magazine-style blog built on a love of dogs, a love of travel and a desire to somehow merge the two in our everyday lives. Sometimes when hitting the open road we can take our canine companions with us, while other times we’re globetrotting across countries and seeking out a dog fix in […]