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How to Find a Puppy: 8 Questions to Ask a Breeder

But this weekend’s a new start – I pick up my pup and the journey begins. For the first time, I know one of my pet’s origin story. I know her birthdate, her pedigreed, and her puppyhood.
Why? I bought her from a family online.

Golden Retriever at Three Dog Winery Outside

Special Pet-friendly Winery & How to Find a New Dog in a new decade

For months, I tried rescue after rescue. I filled in application after application only to be rejected for minor reasons, denied even a meeting because 50 applications for a single small dog was the cut-off, or completely ignored. Shelters and rescues were either empty of dogs or void of small dogs. I must have filled out at least 20 applications.

Sniffing Out Spirits: Awesome Dog-friendly Haunted Walking Tour Round Up!

Ghost Tours, Haunted Tours, or Spirited Walking Tours – the popularity of these guided walks throughout cities has grown and for one good reason: it’s a fun way to learn about the history, architecture and yes, even hauntings in whatever town you’re visiting. The second great reason? Many walking tours are pet friendly. Dogs especially […]

Big Bermeese dog friendly apple orchard

Take your dog apple picking: 8 Southern Ontario Pet-Friendly Farms

Where can you go apple picking with your dog? A few more places than you might think in Southern Ontario, Canada. Considering there isn’t many places we can go at all right now, let alone with the pups, pick-your-own-apple farms with trails and corn mazes might be one answer to all the pet festivals we’re missing in 2020.

dog runningwoods - dog-friendly trails in southern ontario canada

7 Easy-to-find Dog-friendly Trails in Southern, Ontario

While no means an exhaustive list, here are the trails found within an easy drive from Southern Ontario urban areas or a short exit off a major highway. Check out these seven off-the-beaten-pavement dog-friendly hiking options discovered without venturing far off the beaten path.While no means an exhaustive list, here are the trails we found within an easy drive from urban areas or a short exit off a major highway. We present our seven off-the-beaten-pavement dog-friendly hiking options discovered without venturing far off the beaten path

cockapoo poodle held in air and announcing dog friendly fun in Asheville North Carolina

7 (Not-So-Secret) Incredible Dog-friendly Activities in Asheville, North Carolina Revealed

Taking the dog to Asheville, North Carolina? Great idea. Let help you. Check out our first-hand experience travel guide to arty dog-friendly Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

black dog in colourful jacket walking along river text: dementia and loss

The Long Goodbye. The Gift of Time. And Extraordinary Grief. In Memory of My Heart Dog.

As with people, Canine Cognitive Dysfunction is an unpredictable degenerative disease with no cure. The rate of decline is also unknown, but the veterinary neurologist said dogs with dementia can live twelve to eighteen months, depending on behavior.

dog at upper canada village in front of barn

Pet Friendly Ottawa: Homesteading with the Dog at Upper Canada Village, Ontario

If you build it, they will come … and since 1961 they’ve come to Upper Canada Village to check out one of Canada’s largest living history museums, complete with horses and dogs. Well, the dogs visitors bring with them. (As travel options resume soon and seasonal sites prepare to open, we’re sharing one of our […]

beautiful black dog with orange bandana beside text: you took your dog where? 10 surprising dog-friendly activities

You Can Take Your Dog Where? 10 Dog-friendly Surprises

More things are dog-friendly than you might think. Or, if you’ve been taking your dog along for a while, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Dog yoga, dog amusement parks, movie nights, dog-friendly trains … are some surprises. Check out 10 dog-friendly activities we’ve found.

black dog in front of ottawa haunted walk office

Dog Friendly Ottawa: Haunted Ghost Tour and Ninety Minute Historic Dog Walk

The Haunted Walk of Ottawa, located along Sparks Street, offers several themed walks nightly from April to November (but October is clearly popular) including The Original Haunted Walk through the downtown core. Outdoors and dog-friendly … if your dog walks nicely on a leash.