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5 Awesome Dog-friendly Antique (& Flea) Markets Across Canada

The Aberfoyle Antique Market near Guelph, Ontario is dog-friendly! Find out what other Flea/Antique Markets across Canada allow you to bring your dog along.

5 Dog-friendly Maple Syrup Festivals in Ontario

Can you take your dog to Sugar Shacks? It depends. Some maple syrup farms allow dogs on the property but not in the buildings where pancake meals are sold, along with bottles of the sugary gold. Find them here. #dgofriendlymaplesyrupfestivals

Sniff Scape and the Benefits of Indoor Scent Games for Dogs

For dogs, smelling is an all-in game for the brain and sometimes 45-minutes of focused scent activity is as tiring as a walk in the dog park. I jumped on the opportunity to test this theory with my pup at Sniff Scape, a limited-time pop-up adventure for pups in Kitchener, Ontario.

Take the dog to the Maud Lewis Replica House in Nova Scotia

I love unexpected discoveries especially those that allow the pup to also smell the flowers, both literally and figuratively. The Maud Lewis Replica House at the Maud Lewis Memorial Park was one of those surprise road trip stops.

The Ultimate Guide to Dog-friendly Halifax, Nova Scotia

Welcome to our dog-friendly Halifax, Nova Scotia guide – all the places you can take your pup on a trip to Halifax, including the Seaport.

Hot Spots in Dogs: earthbath treatment balm review

I’m applying earthbath treatment balm to my dog’s hot spots – and paws and nose, because it’s also designed to help combat winter dryness. Check out why….

Enjoy a Flight with Fido at the Dog-friendly Garrison Brewing Co in Halifax

You can bring your dog to the Garrison Brewing Co. for a beer (or flight of five), but you’ll also have to bring your own food. Fortunately, options are around the corner.

Take your dog to Ball’s Falls Conservation Area – Even During Winter Wonderland

Yes, you can take your dog to Ball’s Falls Conservation Area even during Winter Wonderland for an illuminated 1.5 km walk. Check out other dog-friendly Holiday Light Shows too.

Start an annual tradition with your dog … at Presqu’ile Provincial Park

Presqu’ile Provincial Park is dog-friendly. There are many trails ranging in length you can take your leashed dog along, and the road into the park makes it easy to drive in and pull over near the trail entrances or a picnic table if you’ve brought your own food.

NYC for Dog Lovers: AKC Museum of Dog Events Plus Westminster Announcement

The AKC Museum of the Dog has so many interesting events this November. If you’re in NYC in November, or nearby, plan a visit. Check out all the dog show info…