Cat Claims Gen 7 Pets Cool-Air Dog Cot. Dog watches. (review)

cat on dog bedThis didn’t go exactly as planned. But then again, what does?

The minute it arrived at the door, I ripped open the box and set up my Gen7 Pets Cool-Air Cot Pet Bed to see if I could. (More on that soon). After meeting the company at SuperZoo last year, they sent me a pet cot in exchange for an honest review.

Here it is:

The minute I saw the Cool-Air Cot Pet Bed ( affiliate link), I thought that’s perfect for the beach and other travel options with my dog. Unlike most pet cots, this one has a back to curl up against and – most important – the mesh bottom allows air circulations while the dog is laying on it … and water drainage when he’s not.

Unlike other fabric dog beds, if a dog lays on the Cool-Air Cot wet, it won’t stay wet for long.

The durable fabric is designed to be left outside on a deck, porch or tossed in the back of an RV. For the beach, well, the bed worked well when I tried it, l but I found the cot big to lug from the car with all the other stuff I carried to the water’s edge.

This Gen 7 Pets cot is best taken to the summer cottage and left there.

Or, in my case, left in my office because my cat Daisy decided it is hers.

The assembly instructions were easy to follow, but I struggled a bit to pull the back tight and put the two metal rods together. In fairness, I’m not good at building things. After the assembly, I left the bed on the carpet of my home office. Immediately, Daisy climbed aboard and claimed it as hers, for a week.

Eventually, my dog Victor crawled in, but only after Daisy was done. For now, my Cool-Air Cot Pet Bed sits in the office, because Daisy wants it there. Although, the next time I take Victor to Woodhaven Country Lodge in Ontario cottage country or 4 Paws Campground in North Carolina, it’s coming with us.

The weather resistant Cool-Air Cot Pet Bed will remain on the deck at either spot and be one less thing I drag inside each evening while relaxing at the cottage or campground. And that’s worth the space it takes up in the car. I might even carry it to the beach for the day. That way, Victor will have it all to himself.

Find the Cool-Air Cot Pet Bed here on or ship to Canada from here. (affiliate links)


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  2. Aileen. · · Reply

    I bought two of these beds for our dogs in the summer for out on the deck. They look really good and I think the dogs like them. Will know better once Summer gets here.

    1. Excellent. Summer can’t get here soon enough!

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