Part III: Mackinac Island, Michigan – Dog-friendly Mission Point and PoochPants (review)

mackinac island 1Tonight, I’m sitting in the elegant Chianti Restaurant in Mission Point Resort eating grilled salmon with artichokes and wild rice while, yes, drinking Chianti. And, thanks to PoochPants, I can.

Let me explain.

I’m spending a few perfect fall days on Mackinac Island in Michigan at the dog-friendly Mission Point Resort with of course my dog Victor. (Check out our experience here). Mackinac Island is accessible by ferry only, and cars are not allowed. Horses are the transportation of choice.

Mission Inn Resort is very dog-friendly – there were few places we couldn’t go, we met other dog families in The Straits Lodge (where the dog rooms are located) and as the season was winding down at October’s end the calm allowed Victor a good romp along the water’s shores and through historic Fort Mackinac.

…And me a good dinner at Chianti.

Clearly, the dinning room isn’t dog-friendly so that means Victor remains behind, fortunately sleeping after a long day of Mackinac Island fun. Victor’s good about not barking, one of his better qualities, but he does spite pee.

That’s right. Spite pee. It’s the reason pee pads are left all over my home office floor when I leave for work each day (including PoochPad reusable pads). It’s also the reason Victor’s sleeping it off in a comfortable hotel room with a PoochPants reusable male wrap secured with Velcro around his waist. (Amazon affiliate links)

The company gave a sample to try when we met them at the Canadian International Pet Show. The family-owned company North Carolina-based company holds a patent pending technology that reduces odors and manufactures, sources and designs their product in Canada and the US.

Pooch Pants (both male and female version) are eco-friendly solutions for canine incontinence, excitable urination, territorial marking and post surgery issues.

Fortunately, it worked. I managed to leave Victor alone for an hour and the hotel room was fine. His PoochPant, however, was wet. We’ll always be travelling with a Pooch Pant from now on … just in case.

And Chianti’s graceful service, plating and food was as impressive the last week of the season as it is the first, second the tenth. The live piano player adds an accent of charm to an island with a foot dangling in the 18th century.

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(Check out our horse-drawn carriage ride here – our transportation of choice, thanks to no cars on the island).


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