2019 CONTEST #1! Win a Benebone

dog with benebone dogtrotting.netChewing – it’s an issue. Ok, not for me personally and by that, I mean my dog isn’t a big chewer. Since I got him (at about age five), he gave up chewing furniture thanks to daily vigorous exercise. But that doesn’t fix it for everyone.

Most dogs love to chew. It’s a canine thing.

So, if you’re motivated to be part of the growing pet industry and want to solve a problem, invent a new super-strong nylon dog chew made with food-grade bacon, peanuts, chicken, mint and maple wood natural flavours with no chemicals.

That’s what the owners of Benebone did. Manufactured in the US, Benebone started with the Wishbone shape and recently expanded into Dental Chews, Pawplexer and Maplestick. (Amazon.com affiliate link)

Benebone are good for casual not aggressive chewers who might bite the bone in half or knock out pieces larger than a grain of rice. The Benebone should remain intact, and if it cracks, replace it. The point is to wear down the product gradually and once it’s smaller than a sugar cube in diameter, it’s done.


Benebone comes in a variety of sizes, and the company suggests you select the largest your dog can handle (error on the side of bigger), don’t use with puppies and don’t use if you (or anyone in your house) is allergic to peanuts, pork, chicken or maple wood.

Most importantly, don’t let your dog actually eat Benebone. Bones should last a few weeks, but not longer than one month. The Pawplexer (our test product with Sasha – an active chewer) is designed to insert an edible treat through the centre such as a bully stick or jerk.

Other shapes, like the Wishbone and Dental Chew, are designed to make it easy for dogs to grip.

OK, clearly the idea is Benebone gives moderate chewers something flavourful to gnaw on other than the couch leg. If you’d like to try it yourself, I’ve got two to give away – for dog product: benebone dogtrotting.netdogs 30 pounds or less.

CONTEST: Leave a comment below. One randomly selected reader will get a Benebone Wishbone and another will get a mint Benebone Dental Chew. (Amazon.ca affiliate link)

Winners will be contacted via email. (If I don’t hear back within a week, I’ll draw again).  Contest closes February 28, 2019. Open to US and Canada.


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  2. I have 3 girls who are quite the chewers. I think these would definitely be more fun and a challenge for them.

  3. writerlmacp · · Reply

    This looks awesome! My dog could benefit from the mint one!

    1. Hee hee. Mine too. Thanks for entering.

  4. I would love to win these for my rescue pup. We replaced two wish bone Benebones last week because they were getting worn. I would love to win the for my rescue pup, Bowie because these keep my house in tact and Bowie happy,

    1. Love rescues! Thanks for posting.

  5. Daniel Scott · · Reply

    We have two of the wish bone Benebones that we bought last week to replace the ones that were worn out. These keep my rescue pup out of trouble and my house in tact.

    1. Good to hear it. Thanks for posting.

  6. Jordyn Hines · · Reply

    I think this is a great giveaway! I’ve heard good things about this product and I know it’s rough on some “Dog Parents” when it comes to chewing!

    1. Thanks for entering!

  7. Looks interesting

  8. Wendy Browne · · Reply

    Benebone brand are the only plastic type toys my Boston terrier will chew. Usually he gets all natural digestible treats like bully sticks. He’s not a big chewer.

    1. I also like digestible ones … even if they smell a bit.

  9. Karly Wanlass · · Reply

    Carl, my three year old American Bulldog would definitely love to chew on one.

    1. Excellent. Thanks for entering.

  10. Natalie Hartmann · · Reply

    Such a great giveaway! My dogs love Benebone!

    1. Thanks! You’re in the draw!

  11. Jerri Loper · · Reply

    My dogs love Benebones!! Best products made for dogs ever

    1. Good to hear it. Thanks for entering!

  12. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    my youngest is very hard on toys. she destroys abt a toy a week. i like that they are toys as well as treats and come in different flavors. she is a min. schnauzer.

    1. They are flavoured – I think to encourage chewing (but they’re not supposed to be ingested). Thanks for entering!

  13. Karen Frewert · · Reply

    I’d love to try this with my newly adopted chihuahua!!!

    1. Congrats! Thanks for posting.

  14. Daniel Scott · · Reply

    Our newly adopted pup, Bowie loves to chew and Benebones keep him from chewing furniture, shoes and other items.

    1. Congrats on the new pup! Thanks for entering.

  15. Daniela Cristante · · Reply

    My dog Stella would love the chance to try one of these!

    1. Good to hear it. Thanks for posting.

  16. Linda Szymoniak · · Reply

    This sounds like it would be perfect for my Megumi, who likes to chew and gets bored easily if she doesn’t have something to keep her busy. She’s about 50 pounds, though, and in reading the post you say the items you’re giving away are for dogs 30 pounds and less. I’d love to win this for her, but guess I’m not eligible since it would be too small for her.

    1. That’s the size recommended on the package – the company sent these to me. I gave the lab in the photo this size and she was ok. Thanks for posting.

  17. My dogs would love this!

    1. Thanks for entering. I’ll contact the winner via email provided.

  18. allison hoffman · · Reply

    would love to win this!

    1. You’re in the draw! Thanks for entering.

  19. Julie Dawson · · Reply

    My dogs love these!

    1. Good to hear it. Thanks for entering!

  20. Kandi Blanton · · Reply

    My brother has a Boston Terrier that is very hard on toys. Most of his toys get torn up within the first 1/2 of having them.

    1. Like so many people… I love Bostons.

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