8 Awesome Pet Presents for the Discerning Dog (and Dog Lover)

christmas-dog-santa-hatTime to spoil the pup – Ok, it’s always time to spoil the pup, but this year let’s take it up a level.

Anyone who doesn’t buy (and wrap) gifts for their pup this time of year likely isn’t reading dogtrotting.net so… here’s some fun ideas from innovative companies (most independently owned).

Best part is, these products solve problems – or celebrate all things canine for you or any pooch lover on your gift list. Impress a pet parent and remember which family member’s really top dog.

Welcome to dogtrotting’s 2018 Eight Awesome Pet Products Guide:


eazee grooming brushEazee grooming brush by Foolee – I found these brushes at SuperZoo 2018 and thought this is ideal – buy one sturdy grooming handle with interchangeable brushes. Have more than one dog? Perfect, change the style of brush if needed to long, short, thick or thin.

Need to brush your cat? Do that too because these composite plastic combs have rounded teeth for a smoother experience. Build your own kit – all brushes for different purposes snap easily into the handle. Check out options on Amazon. (affiliate link) OR Amazon.ca here.


dog product: benebone dogtrotting.netBenebone – Made in the USA, this independently-owned business saw an opportunity in the pet market – create safe tasty chew toys – for dogs that chew through everything else within seconds. Watch for our review and contest in January to win your own Benebone (Amazon affiliate link) to try. OR Amazon.ca here.

In the meantime, check out Benebone, super-strong nylon and food-grade chews in popular dog flavours such as bacon, peanuts, chicken, mint and maple wood in shapes like wishbone, sticks and pawplexer – that lets you insert your dog’s favourite edible treat.


dog rocksDog Rocks – True, dogs do rock, but this product is a little different. Don’t like the burn spots on your lawn from your pet’s pee? Then Dog Rocks claims to be the fix. I haven’t tried these yet, but I was at first concerned about how they work.

Essentially, the rocks are a type of filter that removes the minerals which damages grass, without changing the PH value of the dog’s urine. You need a pack of rocks – 100 percent natural minerals – per water bowl. Check out Dog Rocks on Amazon here. (affiliate link) or Amazon.ca here.


Everfresh-17J-JHNEW8-A3-LMessy Mutts Everfresh Dog Bed – First, Messy Mutts Everfresh is my dog’s favourite bed because it’s comfortable, durable and easy to climb into. Second, it’s my favourite dog bed because it looks good in the living room and doesn’t retain dog smells. It’s microbial. That’s right – beneficial probiotic microbes are embedded into the fabric and eliminate odor when they meet bacteria and moisture. Clean and comfortable serves us both. Several décor friendly colours available. (affiliate link) (or Amazon.ca here)


pupsocksPup Your Socks – Novelty socks are all the rage, but this company has stepped up the game (pun intended). Submit a good head shot of your dog (or cat) and Pup Socks scatters the image comic book style all over the socks. The idea is cute, even if the socks aren’t as soft as I’d like. A few washes and it’s still fun wearing my cute Victor for the world to see, or at least those who look at the gap above shoes. Check out thepupsocks.com


Teddy the Dog – Standing in the line-up at the hardware store, the cashier started laughing after reading my Teddy the Dog t-shirt: “Every Spring I Wet My Plants.” That’s the kind of irreverent dog love Teddy humour spreads. Pet puns and clever quips anchor the Teddy gear – t-shirts, sweats, and pjs – and there’s a new one almost every week. Check out the classics: “No Sit, Sherlock” and “The More the Terrier.” You’re bound to find one that speaks to you. (affiliate link)


ecos for petsECOS Skunk Odor Remover – Let’s hope you never need this. But face it, you might. So, it doesn’t hurt to have a bottle on hand. Skunk encounters are common in certain regions, especially if you’ve got a curious terrier or hound. Fortunately, I haven’t had to test the product first-hand yet.

ECOS is an Earth-friendly product made in the USA using enzymes that digest the odor carrying oils in the skunk’s spray. The company specializes in environmentally-friendly cleaning products for people and pets. Check it out on Amazon.ca here.

under the weatherUnder the Weather – Even pooches get the blahs thanks to a virus, infection or injury. When the vet suggests a bland diet, just add boiling water to a package of Under the Weather. This chicken, rice and pumpkin formula helps sooth the digestive tract and contains 100 percent human-grade white meat chicken sourced from the USA. There’s a probiotic option housed in a syringe too when your dog needs a little extra immune boost.

Check out Under the Weather on Amazon here. (affiliate link)


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