I Survived BlogPaws 2018 … and Discovered New Pet Stuff in Kansas City CONTEST!

I survived BlogPaws 2018!

My favourite thing about writing a dog travel blog is dogs … and of course travel and what better way to combine everything than travel to a blogging event full of dogs (and cats, and rats and … that’s about it).

BlogPaws is a pet bloggers conference for those blogging, tweeting, posting and writing about all things pet – or at least it has been. Started as a grassroots initiative a decade ago, BlogPaws has pivoted into a corporate entity under the control of Chewy, an American online pet retailer.

Check out the first year I attended BlogPaws in Nashville, Tennessee where I was overwhelmed by the exhibition size.

This year, on a smaller trade show floor, creative, innovative and just plan fun caught my eye.

  1. Reusable Pee Pads

My dog Victor is aging, which means he can’t hold it as long so pee pads laid out throughout the office are part of our décor. I’ve been going through pee pads at an alarming rate. Between buying and disposing, I need a solution.

Enter LennyPads (affiliate link) the washable pet pad company. According to the company (which is not run by Lenny) one washable, reusable LennyPads can replace 100 disposable pads if they are washed in warm or cold water and dried on a low setting (so the leak proof barrier doesn’t melt).  We’ll be putting these to the test… again and again. Eight, yes 8, sizes available.

  1. Dog Beer and Bar Munchiesbeer for dogs

Beer Paws is beer for dogs … sort of. Clearly, you can’t give your dog alcohol so the base of this liquid treat is beef broth, along with water, malt extract and glucosamine. Cute. Bottled in Kansas City, we took our sample up to cottage country Northern Ontario for taste testing. More on that soon.

  1. Bake Your Own Dog Snacks

If you make your own birthday cake out of a box, why not for your dog too? Forget the dog treat recipes (unless you’re really into it then check out). Whisk & Wag (affiliate) is a 220-gram jar of dried all-natural healthy ingredients for you to whisk up one batch of about 25 dog cookies just by adding water and oil.

With careful measurement, the company says, you can use half the jar. Roll out the dough, and cut (just like people cookies) using a shape of your choice. Treats last about a week and can be frozen. Four flavours available: Honey and Oat, Apple and Cinnamon, Cheddar and Herb, and Sweet Potato and Spice.

  1. DOOG Gear Outback Styledoog gear bag dogtrotting

Dog Owners Outdoor Gear – or DOOG (affiliate link) – recently brought their Aussie style and durability to the US. Proudly designed in Sydney, Australia, DOOG sells its product in kits focused on training and walking or individually of course such as the ‘Walkie Bag’ that works great as a travel bag – that just happens to have a poop bag slot peeking out the front flap.

Use the bottle holder for The 3-in-1 Water Bottle & Bowl that’s a water bottle for you, wrapped in a flat dog bowl with pop-up sides allowing you and your pooch to share the same water – hygienically.

  1. Pooch Probiotics

We’ve learned a lot about probiotics for both people and pets recently (and who hasn’t tried the yogurt?). Humarian has expanded its probiotic line to include Probonix for Pets – both cats and dogs. The formula includes a ‘tough’ probiotic that survives stomach acid and makes it the intestines where needed.

What’s the benefits? I’ll find out soon after Victor tries it for a week. Here’s the promise: firmer stools, boosted immune system, reduced plaque and bad dog breath, and fewer allergies. Spring is coming – I think – so we’ll soon see.

  1. Teddy the Dog

You don’t need to tell Teddy the Dog (affiliate) that life is good, and just a little irreverent too. Teddy the Dog is a cartoon dog adorning t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, mugs, magnets and more. Who doesn’t want to wear a shirt with sun-glass clad Teddy promoting a ‘Total Sit Show’ with sitting dogs; ‘Zero Fox to Give’ in a furry costume, or ‘I Make Pour Decisions’ surrounded by libations. No surprise, Teddy the Dog was the official BlogPaws t-shirt sponsor.

Check out Teddy the Dog and use BlogPaws18 for 20% off.

WIN! We Went to BlogPaws/dogtrotting.net Prize Pack Contest.

blogpaws 2018 1Leave us a comment below. (Here’s a prompt if you need it: What product surprised you the most?) A prize pack winner will be randomly selected by May 30, 2018 and contacted via email.

What else dog-related did we experience in Kansas City, Missouri? Check out our KC Day 2 adventure here.

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  6. Linda Szymoniak · · Reply

    I love the idea of the reusable pee pads (just like disposable diapers aren’t good for the environment, disposable pee pads aren’t, too), I also like the idea of the fresh breath Chuck-It ball, since my girl, Megumi ,loves carrying her balls around. Sounds like it was a great Blog Paws!

  7. […] with no wheat, gluten, soy or by-products. Neither dog, including my picky Victor. Thanks to BlogPaws for providing us sample bags to […]

  8. Natalie Hartmann · · Reply

    The reusable pee pad sounds great! I have one handicapped dog that can not control his bladder much so would nice to have this’

    1. So far, it’s washing well for me. I could use a few more to switch them out.

  9. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    i have heard abt dog beer from other companies so this is not a surprise. i have also heard abt reusable doggy pads but not like the ones you described. there is a new dog brewery in durham, nc that makes dog treats out of hops and i think it is called something with dog in it. dogs are very much welcome. i would love to have gone. i was going to go when it was is SC but my oldest dog had cancer and i could not leave her.

    1. I’m hoping to get to NC this summer and will check out that brewery if I’m driving near Durham. I’m very sorry to hear about your dog. I can understand why you’d spend extra time with her.

  10. Carolyn · · Reply

    What a variety in different items you found

    1. Every time I go to pet expos I can’t believe the ideas people come up with. There are pet products out there I didn’t know I needed.

  11. Natalie Hartmann · · Reply

    Sounds like such a good time!!

  12. Karen Frewert · · Reply

    I would LOVE to win this. I missed it this year. Was due to go but my 92 year old mom has big health issues so I had to stay home.

    1. Sorry to hear that. Next year is supposed to be in Florida. Maybe that will be easier?

  13. Melody · · Reply

    Doggy beer! Never heard or thought of it but it sounds awesome!

    1. It’s actually beef broth with a bit of malt. One dog liked it’ the other didn’t.

  14. I love that walkie bag! (I don’t even have a dog.) BlogPaws looks so amazing, I am so going next year.

    1. So far, a good quality bag. And the handy bag access has saved me more than once.

  15. Washable pee pads? Amazing. I ought to check that out.

    1. I throw so many out I thought I had to try this..

  16. impurrfectlife · · Reply

    I didn’t get to attend the Blog Paws conference this year but hope to next year. Glad you had an enjoyable experience. Wow, all the cool pet items and swag is awesome. How about that Dog Beer!? Pretty cool.

    1. made in KC apparently…

  17. Wow they have so many interesting things and swag at the Blog Paws conference. I didn’t get to attend this year but hope to next year. Dog beer? How cool is that!

  18. Great photos! I missed the Doog bag, it looks like something I could use. I agree the Teddy the Dog t-shirts were so soft. Buffy gobbled up her Beer Paws treat. There’s always great new stuff at BlogPaws! I look forward to next year!

    1. I really like the DOOG products – good quality. Maybe, like people beer, dog beer is an acquired tasted – my dog didn’t try it; his friend lapped it up.

  19. So happy to hear you found some great new items for your dogs at BlogPaws. I’m always amazed at the different items available for cats, too.

  20. Wow you really found great stuff that Beer Paws is so cool I need some for my Bella to try =) We also enjoy Teddy The Dog best tees ever soft and great quality. The DOOOG gear looks amazing too.

  21. What a fantastic list of items to try out, I sometimes feel we are becoming overwhelmed with all the new products. The one that really stands out for me is the DOOG Bag and am going to look into it, thanks for sharing all of this

    1. I love the DOOG bag. They might be at SuperZoo – I’m hoping to get there too.

  22. Whenever I go to conference (and esp BlogPaws) I’m tempted to pack an EMPTY suitcase to bring home all the goodies! Sounds like the most recent event was no exception. I need to check some of these out.

    1. I should have brought an extra suitcase . I got charged an extra $80 for over weight luggage. (An extra bag is $35 – lesson learned).

  23. kelly · · Reply

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the conference! I see a couple of products here that I could use – with a puppy that is still in the potty training stages, those LennyPads would sure be of great use! And the Doog Gear pouch would be well used while out on walks and storing everything I need.

    1. I have been going through boxes of pee pads with my older guy – I never thought of a reuseable one so hopefully LennyPads is a solution for me.

  24. Renee Dobbs · · Reply

    I envy you being able to travel with your dogs. My dogs do not like car rides at all. They get nervous, shake, pant, and one of them throws up. Yet it’s my goal to get them relaxed in the car so I can take them places to have fun.
    Which product surprised me the most? I don’t know if surprised is the right word – intrigued probably fits best with the “Doog Gear Outback Style” bag. I’ve been searching for a good bag to wear while taking my dogs on walks around the neighborhood. One that can hold poop bags (which that one does), iPhone, house key, treats, and a few other small items.

    1. The poop bags on the outside of the bag have proven invaluable. I’m very glad my dog is good in the car. He sits quickly in the back seat and waits to get there.

  25. Glad you survived the conference, LOL. It can be overwhelming. I really liked the Dog Beer and the Bone Broth for Sophie, and if finances permit, I’d love to get her fitted with a specialty knee brace. There were great products out there for so many different doggy needs – I love this industry.

    1. Turns out the dog ‘beer’ is mostly beef broth. My dog didn’t drink it but another dog drank the entire bottle.

    2. I learned about the leg brace in detail – then the price surprised me. If you’re sure it’ll work, it might be worth it.

  26. Anything with Beer in hits home in our household although we loved the Weruva cat food a lot. Isn’t BlogPaws amazing, we learnd so much and made some pawsome discoveries and friends! I loved the Teddy the Dog mug we got and those t-shirts had me in fits!

    1. I didn’t get a Teddy mug! But that’s ok because my suitcase was already over weight (and cost me). I’m getting more Teddy Tshirts!

  27. I’d have to say that the Dog Beer and Bar Munchies surprised me the most, although I think I’d love to try them for my furbabies.

    1. I gave the door beer to the dog at the cottage (where else). Post about that coming soon!

    2. I was at another micro brewery in Ontario and they made (sometimes) dog cookies from spent hops. Unfortunately, my dog didn’t like it, but some do.

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