My Dog Demands: Gimme Chicken Cutlets (with B6) or the bag gets it!

Earth Animal Chicken CutletsRight now, there’s a half-eaten bag of Earth Animal Chicken Cutlets on the living room floor and that’s unusual. I don’t mean the bag’s half empty – I mean the plastic bag containing the jerky chicken dog treats is ripped apart. Shredded.

When I wasn’t looking, my dog Victor immediately rummage into the box of dog stuff we received for review. (Ok, technically it is his). He specifically pulled out the bag of Earth Animal All Natural Chicken Cutlets (affiliate link) with Brushed-on Benefits … and started chewing.

Yes, dogtrotting received a bag of Earth Animal Chicken Treats in exchange for an honest review.

Hearing the ruckus, I ran downstairs. Of course, I took it from him. Apparently, plastic isn’t good for dogs.

What’s unusual is how excited Victor was to find these treats. He’s usually very picky.

Really picky. And not food stupid (so he’s hard to train).Earth Animal Chicken Cutlets

But Victor went nuts over Earth Animal made in the USA treats so they must be some special. According to the company, the jerky is made with humanely raised chicken, without antibiotics, artificial growth hormones or steroids.

Here’s the kicker: each batch is coated with essential antioxidants and nutrients for the most common conditions. Victor got ‘Trim,’ the flavour helps support healthy weight with added Vitamin B6 and L-Carnitine.

Next time I’ll select Agility for healthy joints (affiliate link) with Glucosamine HL and Chondroitin Sulfate. Other options include Dental, Calm, Energy, Fresh, Shine, and Soothe with probiotics.

So, I’ve been giving him a piece occasionally in pieces slightly bigger than his mouth as the company recommends and usually supervised.

Until I went to work.Dog wearing fall fleece jacket

Came home today to find the bag empty on the floor, chewed even more and Victor’s supply of Earth Animal chicken jerky. He was determined.

Too bad I didn’t find these when he was younger. I might have been able to train him.

Suddenly, he’s food clever. Thanks Earth Animal.

What does your dog love enough to shred? Let us know in the comments below.

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