Recipe: Extra Sweet Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Extra Sweet Sweet Potato Treats

My little terrier/cocker cross Victor isn’t always impressed with my efforts to bake. He’s picky, and despite telling him tales about hungry dogs in far away countries (like those my mother told me about hungry kids), he’s unwavering.

sweet potato dog treatsUntil another dog wants his treat, or the cats come sniffing around. Then he guards the treat, whether he wants to eat it or not.

Instead, I’m on a mission to make healthy snacks more appealing to him.

That’s why I’m adding a little more sweetness to these sweet potato treats. Dried sweet potatoes alone, are not Victor’s jam – unless there’s peanut butter involved. But that’s a recipe for another day.

Today … our friend Tess at Ride with the Wind stables joins us (last winter) as treat tester. She liked them so much, I didn’t get a photo of her with a treat – only chewing.


Thanks to a book called Shaggy Dog Eats! (affiliate link) I found at a popular clearance department store (Ok, Homesense), here’s another sweet potato recipe I modified:

What You’ll Need

1 sweet potato

1 cup of regular oats

1/8  cup of molasses

What You’ll Do

Cut up the potato into small pieces and boil it until soft. You can leave the skin on or I peeled most of it. Drain the pot and mash the now soft potato.

Add oats and molasses and mix well.

On a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, form the mixture into bit sized dollops. Flatten a bit then ‘dehydrate’ them in the oven for about six hours at 200F.

Yields about 12 treats.

I found these kept easily for several days in a covered bowl on the counter. If I broke them into small pieces, Victor found them crunchy and tasty. A younger dog with a stronger jaw would be able to chomp these easily.

There are plenty more recipes on check in out.

Looking for Sweet Potato Dog Treats ready made?
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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Nice. I accidently ate one before being alerted that it was a dog treat. it’s delicious

    1. You’re not the only one…

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