Travel Louisville, KY: Dog-Friendly Downtown Fun and State Park Romp

Strangely, I’m a bit obsessed with Panda Express.

Each time I road trip to the U.S., I have to go through the Panda Express drive-thru and anything other than deep fry makes me excited – especially veggie and rice.

dog on bench at E.P. Tom Sawyer State ParkDrive-thru is a travelling with the dog mainstay especially in non-patio weather.

So that’s how I ended up at Panda Express near E.P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park in Louisville, Kentucky last summer with my dog Victor. Sometimes traveling with fur family involves some compromises, in the form of boarding for the day.

Let me explain.

Despite being very dog-receptive, you can’t take your dog everywhere in Louisville. Statue of man seated on bench in downtown Louisville, KentuckyYes, the dog-friendly Aloft Hotel downtown was one of hipster Victor’s favourite boutique hotels to date. And we landed in town on Dog Day at the waterfront Kentucky Derby Festival. Not all must-see Louisville stops allow four-footed companions.

The two places I had to see: The Muhammad Ali Center (see travel guide below) and The Derby Museum at Churchill Downs – especially Derby Week. (see Neither would accommodate Victor, so I had one choice but to board him for half a day at The Kentucky Humane Society.

Wait. It’s not what you think.

To generate revenue for the actual Humane Society animal shelter, the organization runs two boarding, doggie daycare and grooming locations – Pet Resorts – just outside the city’s core. (I drove about 30 minutes in rush-hour traffic to get there). But the facility was pristine, and well-run with friendly staff and some regular daily boarders hanging out at the front desk. Furry heads pop up over the counter like gophers when you open the front door.

Other dogs, like Victor, stay in kennels while doggie daycare pups run in a windowed playzone equipped with pre-school playground equipment and toys.

Best of all – they squeezed Victor in for a bath and trim that day. The Kentucky Humane Society Eastport Pet Resort offers grooming services. Nothing like a clean-up on the road.

Like hairdressers, every dog groomer has a technique of their own and this time Victor lost his schnauzer-esque  mustache in the process. He looked like a different dog.

But that didn’t stop people on the streets of Louisville from stopping me to pet him. One even inquired about the possibility of puppies. (Nope).

Dog standing over gate at Kentucky Humane Society Eastpoint Pet ResortThe Kentucky Humane Society Eastpoint Pet Resort, where Victor stayed for the afternoon, is located near Louisville’s E.P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park, home to the communities’ first off-leash dog park. Six acres divided into small dog and all dog sections.

What better place in Lousiville to run my dog after a day inside?

Well, the 550-acre State Park proved an idea run for my adventure-seeking terrier-cross, but unfortunately the dog park didn’t. Like all leash-free runs in Louisville (and there are many) you need to buy an annual pass – a code card to open the gate – in order to use the parks. Not great for travellers.

If you’re in town for much longer than two days, unlike me and Vic (the next day we headed to Huntsville, Alabama), it might be worth buying a $35 pass at any Feeders Supply Store.

Instead, we roamed the expansive E. P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park. We almost got lost. Interactive Adventure Trails miles long take you past soccer fields, tennis courts, and even an archery range. Trails lead in to wooded areas, which we had to ourselves on a late weekday afternoon, and dogs are supposed to be on leash here.

My one complaint (other than that permit issue) was the lack of maps along the trails – they’re needed. The park is that big. Fortunately, I parked near the large wood-panelled community center, so I used that as a reference point when asking the few people how to get back to the parking lot.

Cutting through the soccer field, we eventually made it back to the car working up an appetite.

Fortunately, Panda Express was nearby, on-route to the highway. So was Petsmart, which explains why I ended up with a Veggie Bowl to go, and Victor ended up with more single serving portable wet food (road trip tested) and a new stuffed ice cream toy celebrating his Spring day romp unfazed by the Kentucky Derby hype taking over Churchill Downs nearby.

I have yet to find a Panda Express drive-thru in Canada.

What can you visit in Louisville, Kentucky?

TRAVEL GUIDE:  Downtown Louisville is easy to walk, especially with the dog because Mohammad Ali's robe from Elvispeople openly love-on dogs there. Driving is a little more challenging, thanks to wide one-way streets and an adjacency to the waterfront currently being redeveloped for pedestrians and festivals.

You’ll want to visit ‘museum row’ anchored by the Louisville Slugger factory and museum – tour rooms of baseball artifacts, give the batting cage and try, and visit the actual factory hand crafting the famous bat assembly line style. The relatively new kid on the block is the Muhammad Ali Center, a multi level interactive high-tech museum dedicated to the life’s work of the boxing great.

You’ll need a ride to get you to Churchill Downs, but it’s worth it. This is the heart of Louisville’s energy, especially Derby Week every May. The Derby Museum is open year round.. and tours of Churchill Downs, especially the Backside Tour taking you behind the scenes of racetrack training, is electric Kentucky Derby Week, though races happen here year round. Dust off your fascinator.

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  1. […] Between people shouting their approval for Victor’s cuteness from car windows to people questioning puppy possibilities (no, he’s fixed), my dog strutted like a celebrity – and being greeted like one at the uber sexy Aloft Hotel didn’t hurt either. Check out our dog-friendly Louisville experience here. […]

  2. I live in downtown, Louisville. I love it here and so do my two dogs. You can take your dogs inside the two Starbucks downtown, because the hotels allow dogs and the Starbucks are in the hotels.

    1. Good to hear from you. I found Louisville very dog friendly and had no problem in the hotel.

  3. […] We’re downtown, outside the Aloft Louisville Downtown Hotel and within walking distance of the newly rejuvenated waterfront, this day host to a dog-friendly festival. (See previous article: Travel, Louisville). […]

  4. www…when I read your sentence, ” Downtown Louisville is easy to walk, especially with the dog because people openly love-on dogs there,’ my heart melted. It makes me want to go to Louisville for a pet-friendly adventure! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Awww…when I read your sentence, ” Downtown Louisville is easy to walk, especially with the dog because people openly love-on dogs there,’ my heart melted. It makes me want to go to Louisville for a pet-friendly adventure! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks. I got stopped every block by people asking me about Vic – or shouting from across the street.

  6. Now I want to go to Louisville! I love a city that loves pets. And I love this idea of making money for a shelter!

    1. Thanks. Best part about Louisville is the unique museums which are unfortunately not pet friendly. The Pet Resort was great though.

  7. More and more people are traveling with their dogs and are always looking for fun activities and pet care options. Thank you for providing both in such a valuable post. I’ll be referring my friends who have pets to your site.

    1. Thank you. Yes, because I often road trip with just me and my dog I occasionally have to board him for a few hours or even a day. The Pet Resort was one of the better ones.

  8. How nice a shelter is working to incorporate the needs of the citizens and other pets through their day care! I’ve seen very few dogs dining with their owners in SC. There are some that have outdoor seating downtown where a lot of college students live and they have their dogs all the time.

  9. That’s a good fundraiser for a humane society. We’re thinking about visiting a coastal town but we can’t take Mr. N to the aquarium so we’re trying to figure out what to do. The state park looks like a great place for an extended walk.

    1. I often have to board my dog for a few hours when I travel. Research it in advance. Most dog boarders are willing to board just for the day (especially if you pay the overnight fee). Sometimes I just throw money at a problem and remind myself it’s still cheaper than a kid.

  10. Now that is a genius way to make money for the Humane Shelter! I have never been to Kentucky but I would love to visit Louisville! Especially after reading this!

    1. Kentucky surprised me. I loved it – city and country. Lexington might be my new getaway city (especially if you love horses)

  11. What a fun trip. I take Layla to restaurants both indoors and out in San Francisco and have never had problems which I am grateful about. I would love to do a road trip with Layla one day.

    1. California is so pet friendly, I’m envious. I’ve got something coming up about San Diego

  12. I never heard of a Humane Society with a pet resort – I absolutely love that idea! I have never been to Louisville but it sounds like a great place with a lot to do!

    1. Seems like a good way to raise revenue,,, and put some adoptable pets in front of potential parents

  13. Too funny about Panda Express! The one by us doesn’t have a drive-thru (probably a good thing!). And I would’ve been lost in the park – needing help to get out probably! I’ve never been to Louisville, but it sounds like a nice place.

    1. Very large park… never happened to me before.

  14. I miss Europe and being allowed to dine indoors with my dog. Always happy to discover another place to visit.

    1. Indoors? That’s awesome. In Ontario (as you know) we can’t even have them on the patio outside!!

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