Holiday Craft Shows: Pet Product Goldmines. Who knew?

dog on pillow - dog items at craft shows dogtrotting.netOne thing I love about the holiday season is craft shows. Big or small. Local  or Travel distance. I’ll scamper to get to them all …. Or at least many.

Christmas Markets, usually outdoors and dog friendly, make the list too. (Check out our adventures last year in Toronto’s Distillery District).

This year, I started locally by heading down the street (sort of) to the Christmas in Ancaster (Ontario, Canada) Craft Show at the Ancaster Fair Grounds. This fair ground is one of our favourite leash-free scampering zones. My terrier-cross Victor loves the animal smells because this place also hosts equestrian events, and it’s where the local police force stables their mounts. (Check out

What’s the best thing about craft shows other than artisan-made merchandise? Artisan-made dog goods. I haven’t seen a show in years without at least one pet gear vendor.

So, what did I bring home from Ancaster? (Glad you asked):

1. A handmade wooden cabinet from Waldie’s Woodworking. Husband and wife teamcabinet and treats from craft show Stan and Shirley Waldie keep their woodworking garage buzzing year round producing quality small cabinets, benches and shelving. This piece perfect for my kitchen, was a steal at $65 and is the right size to hold all the pet food and treats we need.

Considering my two cats, Daisy and Sally, both have dietary special needs, and my Victor is aging and prone to urinary tract infections, many prescription food cans and bags line our shelves. Now I have a designated place to store them all.

2. What’s another bow tie, right? I bought this little polka dot number from Endless Pawzabilities for Victor to pair with his new hand-knit green Chilly Dogs (affiliate link) sweater I picked up for him last week at The Canadian Pet Expo in Toronto, bow tie and treats from craft show

Plus, he’s happily munching on peanut butter sticks from Endless Pawzabilities, maker of handmade pet treats, natural products and accessories. Based in Welland, Ontario, Endless Pawzabilities not only makes doggie bows and ties, but organic flea and tick repellant, and kitty litter deodorizer too.

Now that I warmed up locally, I’m ready for the Granddaddy of artisan fairs: the Christmas ‘One of a Kind’ at the Exhibition Place in Toronto, Ontario. Watch for coverage up next.

One-of-a-kind is a semi-annual pilgrimage for me. (There’s a spring one too). Check out last year’s finds. It attracts professional artists from across the county. The search here – often six hours long – isn’t just about gifts for Fido. It’s about Fido embossed gifts for me.

Oh, any cat or horse stuff works too.


  1. […] course, from Endless Pawzabilities. I knew he’d love them (ate three in one day) because we met Endless Pawzabilities before, when we hit the fall craft fair circuit … and Victor needed some holiday bow […]

  2. I also love holiday fairs and farmer’s markets. Many times they are pet friendly and it’s nice to have something fun to do outside close to the holidays.

    1. Farmers markets are great too. I also find more people who go there are dog people. Victor was popular at the Ottawa Market this summer.

  3. Looks like fun and you got some great buys.

    1. Thanks. I love buying stuff from the people who actually made it.

  4. I have made note of the Ancaster craft sale for next year!! Had no idea I could find doggie stuff there ! Thank you!!

    1. I’m looking forward to One-of-a-kind in Toronto. Almost every show I go to these days seems to have one or more vendors selling pet stuff or treats. Big market, apparently.

      1. It’s awesome isn’t it?? Society as a whole is getting much better!! I say it’s about time!! 😁👍

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