One dog, one drive-in and one night of kick ass Wonder Woman.

Dog-friendly Starlite Drive-in at DuskI’ll go almost anywhere if I can bring my dog, and sometimes try my luck at a place I can’t. But when a reader emails me with a dog-friendly suggestion, I have to follow up.

Plus, I really wanted to see the film Wonder Woman before spoilers, well, spoiled it.

That’s how I ended up watching Wonder Woman with my dog Victor at the Starlite Drive-in movie theatre in Stoney Creek (technically, Hamilton), Ontario, Canada.

Yes, there are still drive-ins out there, making a bit of a comeback too. This company has five Ontario locations:

  • The Mustang in London;
  • The Five Star in Guelph;
  • The Stardust in Newmarket;
  • The Sunset in Barrie,
  • The Starlite in Hamilton.

All play the same double features (if you can stay up until 2am). Films start around 9:30pm because … someone has to turn the lights out.

Dog-friendly Starlite Drive-in dog park sign

Not only can you bring your dog to the drive-in, the Starlite has a ‘dog roaming’ zone too.

Ok, it’s essentially a mowed grass circle around some trees beside the parking lot, but the thought is there.

At the entrance, they give out plastic bags and I thought, ‘Wow, this place is dog-friendly.’ Apparently, though it’s to put your trash in. Everyone gets one to discourage dumping. Mine however was put to good use as a poop bag.

Roads around the three screens are a little rough with pot-holes, but once you find your spot, put the radio on the right frequency, then pick up snacks from the concession shack (and it is a shack), and you’re good to go. There’s no outside food pick-up window, so Victor had to wait at the door.

What did my dog think of Wonder Woman?

He didn’t say, maybe because he missed most of it sleeping on the front seat. Dark is past his bedtime.

Dog-friendly Starlite Drive-in

What did I think?

It’s my favourite comic book hero film to date. Not only because Wonder Woman kicks butt, reminds me of my childhood icon, and rides horses (awesome vaulting moves in the film – watch for them early), but because there’s a plot. A real plot.

This isn’t just a fight ‘em up, smash ‘em up film.  No 3D (thankfully), so no unnecessary debris flying scenes. There’s actually a smear of complexity to the narrative admittedly with some historically questionable accuracies – the obvious being a Greek god likely didn’t change the outcome of World War I.

wonder woman

Now I want to read up on my Greek Mythology and World War I history. Apparently, the film is set during the Great War rather than mid-century like the TV show in order to draw attention to parallels with current global affairs.

And maybe some differences. In the 20th century, Germany marched into two world wars against the West and other European nations.  Yet in the 21st century, Germany is one of the most stable democracies in the EU, led for 12 years by one of the most rational and respected leaders of our time, Chancellor Angela Merkel.

This week Britain re-elected Teresa May (though a little too right wing for my taste) as leader of a minority government.

Though outdated, I can’t get of enough of this video depicting then Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard taking a strip off her smug opposition, conservative Tony Abbott (who, yes, would replace her as PM a year later).

wonder woman 2

Is Wonder Woman political? I hope so. In this film, she’s not leered at, groped, or dismissed (too often). My favourite movie line ripe for t-shirt distribution is “What I do is not up to you.” Diana’s words to Steve Trevor who has no choice but to step aside.

My one criticism – I was distracted by young Captain Kirk as Wonder Woman’s sidekick. Chris Pine might be typecast.

There’s been other criticism. Apparently, panelists on a Fox News show complained that Wonder Woman wasn’t American enough. (Admittedly, I only saw the Daily Show clip).

I have only one reaction: If you wanted an American Wonder Woman, you should have voted for Hillary.   

Oh, and go to the drive-in with your dog. Just don’t let him eat nachos with cheese. He’ll fart.

wonder woman dollWant your own copy of Wonder Woman? I do. Pre-order here from Amazon (affiliate link).

Did I need to fulfill a childhood dream and own the Wonder Woman doll and horse? (affiliate link). You bet. Buy it from Amazon through our link, please.


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