Need a Pet Portrait? Love these Fuzzy ones.

I admit it. I teared up when I saw the pic of my Fuzzy Felties sent to me for approval by creator Le L from 38 Star Point. Pending approval, they would be mine. And I whole-heartedly approved.


I am continuing my on-going quest to find as many handmade or created ‘portraits’ of my pets as possible. Fuzzy Felties are my favourite yet. (Check out others here).

Months ago, I contacted Fuzzy Felties via Etsy and sent two photos: one of my terrier-mix Victor, star of, and one of my precious cat Kaitlynn. These handcrafted likeness of people’s pets are so popular, there’s at least a six-month wait time to get one done.


Unfortunately, by the time I got mine, my beautiful Kaitlynn had passed away from kidney complications – but getting her very accurate likeness in the mail made my day.

All-black Victor looks like himself too. This miniature version of my crazy mutt will travel with me on those rare trips when Victor can’t come along.

I don’t take Victor on planes. But I’m certain a Fuzzy Feltie or two will pass security just fine.

Have you every had a pet portrait done? Let us know about it in the comments!


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  2. How cute. Sorry to hear about Kaitlynn. She was a beautiful cat.

    1. Thank you.

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