Travel Niagara-on-the-Lake: Dog-friendly Shopping

dog-at-notl-mallMy 12-year-old terrier mixed breed dog loves shopping.

Ok, he doesn’t. I love shopping and he loves not being left alone at home. So we were thrilled to discover the Outlet Collection at Niagara – relatively new to the region near Niagara Falls, Ontario area – is pet-friendly.

Really pet-friendly, actually. Shortly after the busiest shopping days of the year (after the holidays when the sales start), I put the Kurgo harness and leash on Victor and headed to this outdoor mall on an unseasonably warm winter day in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

He did ok, though peed on fake plants outside store doors (not a great decoration), but otherwise was reasonably manageable, especially in stores.

Yes, I took him inside Marshalls, Bench and Lulu Lemon and experienced not a word of objection, though some stores (I’m looking at you Lulu) were so crowded I had to carry him. We skipped the Kate Spade outlet for that reason.

In Bench, he stuck close by and went willingly into the change room with me. We decided the off-shoulder blue t-shirt was not age-appropriate, though Victor approved of the pink cowl-neck sweat shirt I already owned in

Victor got a bit restless in line – but so did other people’s kids – and was generally met with smiles, a few pats and only one scornful glace, though that might have been me when I saw the baby stroller.

Either way, I wasn’t the only one with pooches in tow and Victor greeted every little dog we met. The food court, however, is still of limits to dogs. Boo. Outside benches with snacks it is.

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  3. Very cool to hear that you found a dog-friendly shopping mall!

    1. I’ve been a few times and no complaints about going into stores. There’s always been other dogs around too.

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