People Food Inspired Dog Treats: Pasta, Ice Cream, Sprinkles, or Jelly Shots Anyone?

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Checking out new pet products is remarkably educational, especially at pet industry events like SuperZoo in Las Vegas annually. There’s always something new to learn whether it’s about collagen as the new replacement for rawhide chews or mushrooms as the new superfood – all those topics coming up on

But sometimes pet stuff is just fun. Sometimes pet treats are designed to appeal to people as much as pets, making us feel we’re extra spoiling our pups with desert-like treats complete with sprinkles and even bistro-worthy pasta – that’s right, pasta for dogs. And peanut butter, and ice cream, and … the imagination seems to know no limits, and it’s all suitable for doggie consumption.

(Note: Treats should be given in moderation and check labels if your dog has health considerations. For instance, some treats listed here contain dairy).

Check out these extra-special sometimes over-the-top people-food inspired dog treats:

Doggie Breakfast, Peanut Butter, & Spreads

Who doesn’t love breakfast? Blue Dog Bakery is capitalizing on fun by offering a new All Day Breakfast dog treat option – three flavours appeal to dogs: chicken & maple, bacon & eggs, and sausage and cheese. But the shapes appeal to people: fried egg, bacon strip, and a square waffle. Very clever and your pup gets the benefit of real meat, no artificial flavours, and three different crunchy treats, any time of the day.
Green Coast Pet Pawnut Butter is, you guessed it, peanut butter made for dogs with only two ingredients: peanuts and flax seed. New this year, the company has added a pumpkin option – Pawnut Butter with pumpkin. Both are less spreadable than people peanut butter but good for filling Kongs and other fillable dog chew toys.

Similarly, fruitables might look like doggie peanut butter, but this product is called a creamy dog treat. Called Spoonable, Spreadable, or Bakeable this product by Fruitables is made with human-grade nuts and fruits. Spread it on a crunch treat or bake it as a cookie or freeze it as a dog ice cream-like treat.

Ice cream and sprinkles, for the dog

Speaking of ice cream, Dodg-Os Ice Ice Doggy comes from a family dairy farm that knows its dairy products. Dog-Os first offered a circular cheese dog chew, but thanks to many requests, developed a frozen whey canine protein treat sold in individual 3oz cups or a box of four individual servings. Three flavours appeal to Fido’s tastes: blueberry, peanut butter & banana, and mixed berry.
And if bare ice cream alone isn’t special enough for your royal canine, check out Lord Jameson’s latest product: toasted coconut sprinkles for dogs. This adds to the company’s Celebration Superfetti organic sprinkles for deserving pups.

Jelly shots, pasta, and microwavable cake, all for the dog

Finally, here are some pet treat ideas you likely didn’t even think possible. Remember jello shots? Well, we’re not recommending partying with the dog, you can have a fun afternoon making Dog Tastic Jelly Shots (affiliate link). This product from Soda Pup (affiliate link) is flavoured gelatin mixes that transform into dog treats – using cute silicon molds – by adding boiling water or broth and then cooling – just like jello. You’d think the flavours would be dog-specific, like beef, but no. Mango or cranberry are the options.
Puppy Cake, the company that brought us cake mixes for dog cakes, has added yet an even easier product to the baking for dogs weekend fun. Cuppy Cake (affiliate link) – the microwavable cake mix for dogs. Just add water and microwave for two minutes. Yes, there’s yogurt glaze and pupfetti sprinkles too. Four flavours: birthday cake, gingerbread, pumpkin spice, and peanut butter. My dog got peanut butter for her first birthday.

If you love pasta, so might your dog – only this one you don’t have to boil and add sauce. Pet Pasta isn’t really pasta but a dog treat ready straight out of the bag. Made with oats and essential vitamins and minerals, this crunchy treat is air-dried and bacon flavoured. The pasta shape, bag, and name are designed to appeal to pet people, especially those who love a good bistro.

Note: if you love SodaPup products (affiliate link), order directly from the company and use coupon code dogtrotting for 10% off.

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  1. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    These products are great, so fun. I wish I could feed them to my dogs, but they are on restricted diets. I do use mushroom therapies now, and have been for years. Even though my dogs can’t have peanut butter, I am glad they make pb for dogs now. Some human pb has ingredients that are not good for dogs.

    1. My cats are on special diets too – so no treats from them, either. The PB thing is becoming a concern because they are branding Xylitol under so many different names, including birch sugar.

  2. Dianne H. · · Reply

    Thanks for the discount code at sodapup.! Just placed an order for a winter box and an adorable green gnome treat dispensing toy. A gnome!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, the company just sent me the code – once the contest was underway. Their toys are so cute.

  3. Dianne H. · · Reply

    This was a fun read. Perfect ideas for that special pup on their special day, as well as fun ideas for everyday. You turned me on to SodaPup and I am now a fan! Thanks.

    1. Thanks! As a culture, we’ve really become dog obsessed (dog ice cream without sprinkles??) and for that I make no apologies. Bring it on.

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