Where to get Lavender Farm Photos of Your Dog

Lavender on poster promoting dog photos at a lavender farm in Norfolk County Ontario Canada

Lavender. Few fields are more photogenic than acres of spiky purple lavender, but here’s the thing: lavender blooms in July and mostly only July. If you want that pic of your pup nestled in a field of purple, you’ll have to seek out a spot, open to the public, when sprigs of this aromatic mint are in full form.

And that’s one reason lavender farms are busy in July, including Apple Hill. July is the best time the get Lavender farm photos of your dog.

Norfolk County with Your Dog

Welcome to Apple Hill Lavender Farm in Norfolk County. Apple Hill is open Wednesday to Sunday during the summer until 5pm (4pm on Sundays) and is located at 1795 Windham Road 11, Windham Centre, Ontario. Apple Hill is only 5 km from small town Waterford, where it’s worth stopping to run the dog at the small dog park there.

We previously discovered Waterford, Ontario (check it out), and the town’s off-leash dog park near the arena – and we stopped there again to allow my high-energy pup to burn off steam. Dogs are allowed at Apple Hill, but only on a leash.

Therefore, my pup must remain tethered at Apple Hill, and despite a half hour run dodging six (yes, six) Greyhounds at the Waterford off-leash dog park, my crazy puppy was still full of zeal and pull. Yet, we managed to get a few good photos. If you haven’t visited Norfolk County with your pup, check out what you’re missing here.

Photos at Apple Hill Lavender Farm

The carefully manicured fields – more like gardens – at Apple Hill are ideal for social media by design. And the “love is …” mega sign that looms across one field is available for $75 an hour site rental fee if professional photographers, or pet rescue fundraiser/events managers, are interested.

The Apple Hill Lavender Farm’s garden is divided into clear rows of lavender, even a couple small benches for sitting on dot the rows. Educational signs explain what groupings of other plants and herbs are located at the end of beds. There’s a sunflower garden in one corner, and a well-flowered covered deck in the other. Arguably, the only place more staged for photos is a studio.

Of course, there’s a small shop selling everything lavender along with pottery also created on site, so this is a part agricultural, part artisan experience. The backyard bakery window is where you can try lavender cookies, popsicles, and scones.

Is Lavender Safe for Dogs?

Side note: If your dog chews some lavender, don’t panic, although clearly the farm would prefer the plants be kept intact. Eating a small amount of lavender won’t hurt a dog, but because lavender does contain linalool, ingesting massive quantities can be toxic.

However, essential oils – any kind including lavender oil – can be very harmful to both cats and dogs and should be kept away from pets despite what naturopath enthusiasts claim. Always better safe than sorry, and I know my cat is repelled by the scent of lavender.

Maybe if you want to keep the neighbour’s cats out of the garden, plant lavender. And yes, you can buy lavender plants for $10 at Apple Hill Lavender Farm.

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