Happy Dog-friendly Holidays!

This week, hopefully, everyone will be taking some time to spend with their dogs, cats, and any other family member that makes the list. Around Christmas 2021, there were understandably fewer options to get your pet’s holiday photo taken, but we managed to find a good one – same photographer who took our Halloween images here.

Bow Wow Wow photography does an excellent job capturing the right canine moment – especially considering my little 14-month old Sprocker was far more interested in chasing ornamental Christmas balls around the floor than she was holding a ‘sit’ for the camera. (Sorry about the destroyed props).

But the results of our holiday photoshoot where amazing. Take a look:

Also, the venue was Bring Your Dog Cafe in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – one of our regular haunts. Victoria creates havoc there about once a week especially during the freezing rain of winter. Imagine a dinner dedicated to dog love and appreciation. Can you think of a better idea for lunch?

Check out my dog letting loose at Bring Your Dog Cafe here:

Yes, I am getting her nails trimmed… you can hear them on this floor.

Up next is our between-Christmas-and-New-Years-Day dog-friendly getaway adventure. Where will we go? Suggestions welcome … stay tuned to dogtrotting.net to find out the answer.

In the meantime … please check out our listing of great places to see holiday light shows with your dog in Southern, Ontario here. Many are running well into January 2022.


  1. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    Beautiful picture of Victoria in front of the mail box.

  2. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    Boy those guys were playing in the Cafe. Ihave never heard of dog cafes, only cat cafes. They looked like they were having lots of fun. Have a great holiday and New Year. Stay safe.

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