Happy First Birthday Victoria! Dog’s First Birthday Party Contest

Ten months ago, I took home a little black and white ball of energy I could fit in two hands. She had big paws to fill because I had lost my previous dog four months prior and – although three cats are amazing company – I still had a big hole in my world.

On September 22, 2021, my little Sprocker – half Springer Spaniel and half Cocker Spaniel – Victoria is one year old! It’s a bitter sweet date, however. Also, on September 22, 2020 my mother died of cancer. 2020 was a horrible year, for many reasons.

That’s right – the puppy I searched high and low for was born the night of the day my mother died. Strange coincidence? Maybe. But animal communicator Ann Marie Hoff told me it isn’t – my mother sent Victoria to me, which is the story I’d like to go with. Apparently, though, my mother didn’t know how high energy Victoria would be. Neither did I.

Dog’s First Birthday Contest!

But here my puppy Victoria is – one year old! And yes, I named her in honour of my previous dog, Victor.

To celebrate a new beginning, and remember the years past, we’re hosting a give-away-contest to celebrate my dog’s First Birthday! No strings attached.

Two prize packs are available containing some of Victoria’s favourite things! (Not her actual things, of course — new things, just like the ones she loves). She’s spent the past eight months developing some discernable tastes.

Each dog birthday prize box contains the following:

(an approximate $50 CND value)

  1. A fleece blanket and fleece chew toy handmade with care – Victoria loved to chew on both.
  2. A tuffyJRbone extra tough stuffy – Victoria loves stuffies but is a shredder.
  3. A Chuckit Breath Right ball – Victoria LOVES these balls, and I do to because they allow air to pass through when crazy high-energy dogs are running with balls in their mouths
  4. Two packs of Canadian Farm Fresh dog treats – Like Victor, Victoria loves these though she’s not as picky as he was. Canadian Farm Fresh is small company based in
  5. A Rollover Meaty Beef Rib – This real chew bone is sourced from Canada and one of the few things that keeps Victoria occupied (and quiet) for more than ten minutes.

Simply share your birthday wishes for Victoria …. or any other kind words you wish to share … in the comments below!

Two winners will be randomly selected via raffle and will be contacted via email. (Please check your email). Winners will have two weeks to reply before another winner is selected. Open to US and Canadian residents only. Prizes will be mailed via post after winners have been contacted for mailing addresses. CONTEST CLOSES OCTOBER 31, 2021.


  1. Happy belated Birthday! So glad you found each other

  2. Crystal · · Reply

    Happy birthday!!!!

    1. Congrats! I sent you an email.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, but wanted to wish Victoria a very happy first birthday! Here’s to another fun-loving year filled with puppy kisses, snuggles, and belly rubs!

  4. Happy birthday Victoria! May all your birthday wishes come true!

  5. Happy Birthday to the beautiful Victoria! Hope you have a day full of rolling in the grass, fetching your ChuckIt ball, chewing on your fleece toy and extra tough stuffy, followed by some yummy treats and a good gnaw on a Rollover Meaty Rib bone. And maybe some pressies too! Glad you and your mom made it through the first year of puppyhood! btw, I do believe your mom played a part in you finding Victoria. Moms do that kind of stuff. Sorry for your loss. Glad you found your pup to help you through it. ❤

    1. Congrats! (I sent you an email)

  6. Joyce Lawrence · · Reply

    aww, Happy Birthday and happiness is finding each other.

  7. Patricia Y. · · Reply

    Happy 1st Birthday Victoria!! May you have a wonderful year filled with many beach and hiking days, treats and toys. 🥳

  8. Manon Desrochers · · Reply

    Happy birthday little girl. Yes you have big shoes to fill but I am sure you will, every dog does. I wish you many more travel adventures with you human mom.

  9. What an important day for you both. Wishing Victoria a happy 1st birthday and a year filled with lots of love, travels, and treats!! Named after
    a cherished friend and arriving as someone so dear departs, it seems Victoria is a very, very special pup indeed <3

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