Travel: Dingle, Ireland. Seafaring Dog Chance Encounter

Dock dog Dingle Bay, Ireland

Dock dog at Dingle Harbour

I met this salty fellow on the dock at Dingle Harbour, Ireland, while waiting to board a chartered boat tour that would take me out to encounter Fungie (Ireland’s most famous dolphin) and a bout of motion sickness.clover

The informative historic bay boat tour – punctuated by a visit from Fungi – was awesome. Outside the harbor, however, the waves were choppy and rough, which prevented Dingle Bay Charters from taking us all the way to Blasket Island, the original plan. (And caused me to turn a lovely shade of Irish green).

The detour was ok by me. Some encounters with Dingle’s dolphin was all I needed. Fungi is a wild animal that’s made his home in this bay for 30 years and has become a tourist attraction in his own right.

Dingle is a coastal town about a six-hour drive from Dublin along a route dubbed the Wild Atlantic Way.

The boat tour followed my encounter with this spunky Irish pup (pictured above) who barked assertively at everyone who passed by his fisherman fur-daddy leisurely enjoying morning coffee on the dock.

“Does he go out on the boat?” I asked, unable to give the dog a pat because he’s a craggy as the company he keeps.

“Not on your boat,” the fisherman said dismissively gesturing to the ‘tour’ boat docked away from the fishing vessels.

“I know,” I thought, still acclimatizing to the abrupt tell-it-like-it-is Irish demeanor. Pooches here aren’t the conversation starters they are at home. Still a charmer, though. The dog that is.

The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

TRAVEL GUIDE: Check out the Wild Atlantic Way (, a journey from Dublin to the coast of Ireland that culminates at the foodie town of Dingle, a popular summer vacation spot of locals and Europeans.  Recently established Dingle Cookery School is at the forefront of the Dingle culinary scene offering visitors afternoon classes that start with a trip to the marina to buy fresh fish right off the boat. Then the class heads back to the kitchen to learn correct filleting skills and of course a few Irish recipes.

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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    fun and informative blog as usual. excellent. Looks rather cool and chilly on the Irish coast

    1. Chilly it was – especially on the boat. The dog was acclimatized. Me, not so much.

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