Black Friday Online Pet-themed Gift Sale. Why not?

Ok, so it looks like we are still doing this: Black Friday sales. I’m sure your inbox looks like mine – inundated with sales, sales, sales this week, most online. Until a few years ago, Canadians were exempt from this pre-American Thanksgiving frenzy (Canadian Thanksgiving is in October – check out our post here). But not anymore.

Black Friday has migrated north. Now we get the fun too, only with fewer (or no) aggressive ‘door crasher’ sales. This year, however, I guess we look forward to ‘server crasher’ sales … or not. recently signed up as an Indigo Books and Music affiliate, which means that yes, we get a small percentage of sales so please indulge us.

Indigo is a Canadian company I love anyway and shop there often, both online and in-store – which is dog-friendly. My previous dog, Victor, visited many Indigo outlets many times. (And peed only once in his advance years – sorry. I cleaned it up with Starbucks napkins).

So, here’s a few things on sale at Indigo’s this week that caught my attention. First, though, you’ll have to sign up for a Plum Rewards card, which is free. (Plum Plus memberships cost money, similar to you-know-what Plus). Then you’ll need to enter your Plum Reward number at check out to get the discounts ranging from 20 to 40 percent:

Winter Print Hatley Pjs (with dogs)

Hatley PJs. I love this fun and funky brand. I even found a dog print I love a couple of years ago while travelling in North Carolina with my dog Victor (see here). However, rarely do I find them on sale and this week only they are 20% off at Indigo. Even better, you can get a pair for you and matching pjs for your dog. Note: the medium dog size is small.

plum Member exclusive. Black Friday – 20% off Games

Dog Puzzles and Games

I’ll admit it. I completed a few puzzles early in lockdown. I’ll also admit, I found it calming and distracting. But if I’m going to stare at something that closely, it better have dogs on it. Dog puzzles it is. Now, Indigo is restocked – yes, there was a run on puzzles earlier this year – and puzzles are 20% off falling under the toys category.

plum Member exclusive. Black Friday – 40% off Mugs and Hot Cocoa

Hug Mugs for Cat and Dog Lovers

Who doesn’t have too many mugs? But what’s a few more, especially when they celebrate your kitty and puppy love. “I Will Always Woof You” says it all and now mugs and coco are 40% for a limited time.

plum Member exclusive. Black Friday – 40% off Pillows & Throws

Pup Pillows for You and Them

Can you ever have too many pillows? Throw pillows are fun especially when they’re whimsical wiener dogs with mustard. Floor pillows, though, are my favourite and my dog (and sometimes cats) loved to sleep on these – and they don’t look to bad in the decor either.

Finally, Vegan Matt and Nat

Final thought: One of my favourite Vegan leather bag designer, Matt and Nat, is on sale at Indigo’s (Canada) for a limited time only, and finding this label on sale is rare: Black Friday – Up to 30% Off Matt and Nat (affiliate link)

If you’re curious, check it all out here ….

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