Travel Michigan: Learn Where to Shop with your Dog in the Great Lakes State

dog cookie
Sasha and cookie from Three Dog Bakery

Years ago, I spent the day at an outdoor dog-friendly shopping mall that I never forgot. But I did forget how to get there. It was in Michigan. That’s all I knew.

Then, last fall I was driving through the state on my way to the Annual Rochester Writer’s Conference (highly recommended) and there it was: The Mall at Partridge Creek, an easy turn off the road I was driving on. Apparently, I’d driven by it many times without noticing. Here is where you can shop with the dog in Michigan.

Why did I love this mall more than most? Good stores, yes; but it’s also dog friendly. Very dog friendly.

kids and dogs
Kids and dogs at The Mall at Partridge Creek, MI

Located at 17420 Hall Road in Clinton, Michigan, The Mall at Partridge Creek is designed to mimic a village square where stores border a central green space, and visitors are encouraged to linger on benches or in front of flat screen televisions.

Kids climb in play areas, while older ones play bocce ball (yes, there’s a bocce court). Best of all, there are many water stations and poop bag dispensers (for dogs, not kids or the elderly) dotting the property

Bringing well-behaved leashed pups of all kinds is encouraged, and people do. Many, many people do.

Monogrammed Cookies
Monogrammed Cookies

Shopping in the stores is possible (I wouldn’t stop otherwise), and stores that allow dogs to come in have a sticker in the window, which is almost all of them. Opened in 2007, this open-air shopping experience is more upscale than most, anchored by a Nordstrom and my new favourite U.S. department store, Carson’s.

Of course, on my way to a writer’s conference, I didn’t have Victor with me (though next year I might). Yet this stop was ideal for getting my doggie fix – locals walk here daily and only at a dog park have I seen this many cloaked and cuddled pooches in one public place.

The Three Dog Bakery was my first stop because they specialize in all-natural ingredients and ‘oven-baked’ flavoured canine treats (not to mention really cute cookies). One look at the display case and I had to bring back something for both Sasha and Victor, especially because I could get each decorated with names at no extra cost. (You know, so the dogs would know which was theirs).

At only $3.50 each, it was an easy way to say I missed them when I got home, armed with pics of other people’s dogs strolling, shopping and sitting pretty at outdoor café tables.

Two people walking a dog outdoors at the dog-friendly Partridge Mall in Michigan
Glass case display of dog cookies at Three Dog Bakery in Michigan

While in Michigan, I have stayed several times at the Red Roof Inn in Auburn Hills, MI. The entire Red Roof chain is pet friendly!

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Writer bio: Sherri Telenko has been a professional writer for decades and a travel writer for the last two. She’s a member of TMAC (Travel Media Association of Canada) and Dog Writers Association of America and travels almost weekly with her canine companion, Victoria. All written content is original, written by a person, and based on experience and research.


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