144th Westminster Dog Show 2020 Best in Show Winner is …

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And the winner is….

The 144th Westminster Dog Show 2020 Best in Show Winner is SIBA the Standard Poodle!

Reserve Champion is the Whippet named Bourbon.

Again, this year dogtrotting.net experienced Westminster fever. Not because dog breeding is a hobby or interest, but because dogs, dogs and more dogs gathering in any singular location is the energy (and love) we crave.

Who doesn’t want to be around canine connoisseurs all weekend long? (Check out our encounter with 2018 winner Flynn here). Plus, NYC invites exploration – watch for Museum of the Dog coverage here next.

New York City’s Pier 94 was again the site of breed-specific judging starting Sunday, February 9, 2020 and continuing until Tuesday afternoon. Madison Square Gardens, however, is where the energy culminated. Winners of Best in Breed compete in Best of Classes Monday and Tuesday evening. (Check out last year’s fun here).

Pier 94 this year was void of the annual Meet the Breeds exhibition, open to the public, thanks to half the Pier facility being shut down by the city. However, tickets still sold out for Pier 94’s judging competitions – a bonus: access to the benching area where visitors can weave among the competitors and grooming tables.

Breed winners from Pier 94 move onto the evening Group rounds at Madison Square Gardens Monday and Tuesday. Seven Best of Groups move to Best of Show finals.

Monday, February 10, 2020 – Group Winners:

Bono the Havanese won Toy Group

Conrad the Shetland Sheepdog won Herding Group

Siba the Standard Poodle won the Non-sporting Group (Best of Show)

Bourbon the Whippet won the Hound Group (Reserve Champion – second place)

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 – Group Winners:

Daniel the Golden Retriever won the Sporting Group

Wilma the Boxer won the Working Group

Vinny the Wire Terrier won the Terrier Group


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  6. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    not a poodle fan, but that is how it goes. i have min. schnauzers and they never seem to get in the best of show and never win the terrier group. i try to watch every year, because i know some of the people that are showing. i am always amazed at the dress code even when i go to shows locally.

    1. I love schnauzers (especially mixes). I prefer poodles mixed with something as well – the one that won Westminster is beautiful but doesn’t look like a dog to me.

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