Gift Guide: 5 Pooch Parent Presents (under $25) for Discerning Dog-lovers

border collie dog being wiped with Earthbound cleaning cloths

Like most people whose pets are family, I buy a steady stream of stuff for my dog and both cats – more treats for the pup because the kitties are relegated to special diets thanks to food allergies. (This post contains affiliate links to all products).

Holiday gifts for fur babies are always on the list – but now it’s time for fun. Forget essentials.
Here are five gift suggestions for dog-loving pet parents for times when want eclipses need:

advent calendar11. Dog Treat Advent Calendar

‘Tis the season, and if marking the 24 days until Christmas with tiny treats from behind perforated cardboard flaps thrills you then imagine how excited your dog will be.

Dog treat advent calendars (affiliate link) are the pet product of 2019 with many company’s introducing a version. Starting December 1, your dog gets a different flavour treat a day. Quality depends on company, and therefore so does the price.

stuffed dog pillows just for dogs2. Pillows for Your Pup

Granted, this semi-circle pillow with dog face and tail looks just like a people travel pillow (and it could be), but this one from The Dog Pillow Company (affiliate link) is specifically for canines.

If your dog’s like mine, he sleeps with his head hanging off the dog-bed. (It looks as comfortable as sleeping on a plane). So, I gently lift his head up and circle this dog pillow around his neck. At least he seems more cozy.

furever loved pet memorial candles3. Memorial Pet Candle

Thanks to Pet House from All Fur One, these scented soy-based candles are great for filtering pet odors from the air. But it’s harder to mask grief.

For someone who’s recently lost a beloved pet, the holidays won’t be so jolly. A small yet thoughtful gesture might be to offer a ‘furever loved’ memorial candle from Pet House’s special line (affiliate link) for rainbow bridge moments.

image of puppy cake holiday cookie mix for dogs4. Dog Cookie Kits

Our friends at Puppy Cake keep innovating the dog dessert mix space (sure, that’s a thing). First, they introduced the dog cake mix, then ice cream and now cookies. Wheat-free Holiday and shortbread flavoured mixes for dogs (affiliate link) complete with bone-shaped cookie cutter for maximum dog-parent gift giving thrills. Check our previously tested Puppy Cake products here.

earth bath wipes5. Earthbath Quick Clean Dog Wipes

Ok, this one’s more useful than fun, but for pups who travel a lot (especially in the car) a box of cleaning wipes in a portable plastic box might be the easiest thing to keep in the car.

Earthbath Hypo-allergenic Grooming Wipes (affiliate link) remove dander, drool and anything else that sticks to fur between baths. According to Earthbath, mild cleansers deodorize, freshen and clean as the exotic Hawaiian awapuhi conditions the coat and imparts a healthy shine. Earthbath Tushy Wipes (fortunately) came in handy on a previous trip Dto Michigan (see here).

To find some of these products in Canada, click on the affiliate link provided. (Costs might be slightly higher than $25):

All Fur One Memorial Pet Candle

Dog Advent Calendar

Earthbath Grooming Wipes

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