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Caledonia, Ontario: LaFortune Park. It’s a secret… pass it on.

LaFortune Park in Caledonia, Ontario isn’t looking too fortunate these days. It’s a 106-acre plot of fenced-in land with some paved paths minimally maintained by the municipality of Haldimand in Caledonia, my home town. A former campsite, the LaFortune family owned and maintained it until 1969 when they bequeathed it to the region with the stipulation […]

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Hamilton, Ontario: City of Waterfalls and Dog Fun

Spring, fall, summer and even a mild Sunday winter afternoon, are the best times to check out the Waterfall Capital of the World with dogs in tow, as we did with both Sasha and Victor last December. And we weren’t alone. Despite on-leash rules (yes, really) we passed at least a dozen others letting the […]