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black dog in front of ottawa haunted walk office

Dog Friendly Ottawa: Haunted Ghost Tour and Ninety Minute Historic Dog Walk

The Haunted Walk of Ottawa, located along Sparks Street, offers several themed walks nightly from April to November (but October is clearly popular) including The Original Haunted Walk through the downtown core. Outdoors and dog-friendly … if your dog walks nicely on a leash.

Haunted Walk Toronto dogtrotting.net

Travel Toronto, ON: Distillery District Dog-gone Dog Friendly Ghost Tour

The dog-friendly Distillery District tour is a mix of entertaining facts and recounts of ghost sightings carefully researched. The company claims it verifies all stories by listening to first-hand accounts from ghost witnesses and confirming historical facts surrounding the sighting.

dog on tour

Travel Haldimand, Ontario: Dog-Friendly Creepy Caledonia

Victor the schnoodle got his Scooby Doo on during our Creepy Caledonia haunted tour in Caledonia, Ontario. This time without any meddling kids, or ghostly sightings. But he sure loved travelling in a pack, sniffing downtown streets along with Sasha – who actually resembles the cartoon Shaggy companion – and a new friend brought along for the […]