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Poising on the Dog Beach at Whitefish Dunes State Park

Travel Door County, WI (Part IV): Dogs Love Whitefish … Dunes

Whitefish Dunes State Park in Door County, Wisconsin isn’t about fish, but it is about dunes … sort of. And dogs. There’s a dog beach and that’s – of course – important. First, the dunes at this 867-acre state park are not the rolling hills of deserts you (and me) are likely visualizing when you […]

dog on patio in door county

Travel Door County, Wisconsin (Part III). Who has a doggy menu?

“We added steak and mashed potatoes to our dog menu recently,” says Harbor Fish owner Karen Berndt, adding the doggy menu is a ten-year-old idea. “I can’t believe how many people are ordering it. We had a table with two dogs yesterday order two,” she laughs. “This is good steak,’ I thought.’ I eat that.’ But it’s selling.”

Sea Dogs exhibit at Door County Marine Museum, WI

Travel: Door County, WI (Part II): Sea Dogs in Sailor Suits

Sea Dogs is a combination of traditional wall-mounted information, life-sized replicas of famous Fidos, interactive computer screens where you can play dog-to-the-rescue video games and a kid’s dress up play area that allows little ones to crawl into a full-sized dog house for photo opts.

schnauzer on a boat

Travel: Door County, Wisconsin (Part 1). Getting Doggie Sea Legs on a Fireboat

Boats aren’t usually my thing (despite spending four days on a houseboat earlier this year). But when I saw Maggie May and Maddy on the Chicago Fireboat Legend Cruise in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, I knew this one was going to be ok. The Chicago Fireboat tour is dog friendly