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Great Canadian 1000 Island Houseboat Dog Adventure – Final Day: We actually make it back

If you want to experience your own Great Canadian Houseboat Adventure in the 1000 Islands, here’s some advice.

One the dock during the 1000 Island Houseboat Adventure

Great Canadian 1000 Islands Houseboat Dog Adventure – Day 4: Maybe I’m getting heat stroke

Georgina Island is the most beautiful yet, though the sounds from the overhead highway and busy waterway nearby interfere with the serenity. It also has the longest, moderately challenging trails, which we don’t get to fully experience thanks to intermittent rain.

Sasha being a dog in the 1000 Islands, Ontario, Canada

Great Canadian 1000 Islands Houseboat Dog Adventure – Day 2: The Storm

On the second night of our Great Canadian Houseboat Adventure through the 1000 Islands with the dogs, I have a restless sleep thanks to incredibly high swells tossing the boat in a fit of rage. A huge storm is tearing through the area and – thanks to the advice of Park Warden Tim – we spend most of the day (and night) at the Camelot Island dock because we secured a spot early on a busy day and don’t move.

Looking out the window, I see nothing but vast surging waves and a shoreline far in the distance. That’s when the panic starts. “We’re in the middle of the river with no running lights on,” I yell.

Found a friend while docked at McDonald Island in the 1000 Islands

Great Canadian 1000 Islands Houseboat Dog Adventure – Day 1: someone falls in

Sasha falls in. We’ve had the houseboat for two-hours, started getting acquainted with the picturesque contours of the Gananoque coast and random private islands scattered throughout the St. Lawrence River in the 1000 Island region, and Sasha, the two-year-old chocolate lab, falls overboard.

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Travel Dunnville, Ontario: Surprising Dog Boating Adventure at Byng Island Park in Ontario

My dog Victor didn’t like the boat. Then he did. Then he didn’t again, although he learned to balance on the cushions hammered into the bench of our small fishing boat with a hand-controlled two-stroke motor. We’re taking a small fishing boat out today for the first time along the Grand … with both dogs, […]