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dog swimming in blue water holding an orange toy

Where are pools for dogs to swim in? K9 Fun Zone in Ontario!

During the hot summer, finding pools for dogs to swim in is challenging. Thankfully, we found K9 Fun Zone in Caledonia, Ontario. Find out!

dog at Canada Day festival

Travel Caledonia: Dog-friendly Canada Day!

The long weekend is over (in both North American countries) and you’re likely done hearing about Canada Day fun and Fourth of July festivities … along with plenty of advice about how to keep your pets safe during fireworks. Well, I have none of the latter and a recap of the former because I took […]

dog on tour

Travel Haldimand, Ontario: Dog-Friendly Creepy Caledonia

Victor the schnoodle got his Scooby Doo on during our Creepy Caledonia haunted tour in Caledonia, Ontario. This time without any meddling kids, or ghostly sightings. But he sure loved travelling in a pack, sniffing downtown streets along with Sasha – who actually resembles the cartoon Shaggy companion – and a new friend brought along for the […]

dog park

Caledonia, Ontario: LaFortune Park. It’s a secret… pass it on.

LaFortune Park in Caledonia, Ontario isn’t looking too fortunate these days. It’s a 106-acre plot of fenced-in land with some paved paths minimally maintained by the municipality of Haldimand in Caledonia, my home town. A former campsite, the LaFortune family owned and maintained it until 1969 when they bequeathed it to the region with the stipulation […]