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Featured here are fun dog-themed travel items.
Note: stuff will be updated regularly, so don’t hesitate. Whatever you love now, might be gone later.

URBAN POOCH – Love touring cities with your dog in tow? Me too. Pack up pup gear in an adorable canine-print tote bag. Our first three features Graphic Boston Terriers, Cute Labs, and Feisty Dachshunds. Bostons was the fan favourite (by a slim margin) in our contest, but all sport dog love.

BEACH BUDDIES – If the beach is the place to be with for your dog, take along this so cute long t-shirt cover-up announcing your dog love to all by the shore with a single ‘woof.’ Or, use it as sleepwear because we all need something easy to pack. Plus, we’ve got limited-edition dog love t-shirts including Valentine’s True Love sweats.

CAMP CANINE – Your dog answers the call of the wild? Awesome. Take this versatile enamel travel mug along. Easy to pack because it’s slightly smaller than your morning coffee mug, but it can be used as a kibble scoop too. I’ve carted it to hotels to save on paper cups too. Collect the series of slogans starting with “For Pup’s Sake, Take Your Dog Along.”

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