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  1. […] to Munchies Cafe, Canada’s first dog-friendy cafe and get your pet photos with Santa. Fifteen-minute time […]

  2. […] might look like some of its nylon dog chew competitors, but it’s not. BetterBone (affiliate link) is made from natural, food-grade material – […]

  3. […] throughout most of this popular tourist destination, including along the Niagara Parkway and Dufferin Islands. (Note: there is the option to park and walk a bit at Dufferin Islands if your dog needs a pee […]

  4. […] it’s that small – but there are a lot of campsites and waterfront activity. Kayaking, canoeing, and boating is the main attraction; the parking lot near the boat launch is full of trucks and […]

  5. […] light shows are mental stimulation for her. (She loved a similar Halloween walk-through attraction: Pumpkins After Dark). But this time in the car, there’s no contending with leash pulling (at least for me). Although […]

  6. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    These products are great, so fun. I wish I could feed them to my dogs, but they are on restricted diets. I do use mushroom therapies now, and have been for years. Even though my dogs can’t have peanut butter, I am glad they make pb for dogs now. Some human pb has ingredients that are not good for dogs.

    1. My cats are on special diets too – so no treats from them, either. The PB thing is becoming a concern because they are branding Xylitol under so many different names, including birch sugar.

  7. Dianne H. · · Reply

    Thanks for the discount code at sodapup.! Just placed an order for a winter box and an adorable green gnome treat dispensing toy. A gnome!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, the company just sent me the code – once the contest was underway. Their toys are so cute.

  8. Dianne H. · · Reply

    This was a fun read. Perfect ideas for that special pup on their special day, as well as fun ideas for everyday. You turned me on to SodaPup and I am now a fan! Thanks.

    1. Thanks! As a culture, we’ve really become dog obsessed (dog ice cream without sprinkles??) and for that I make no apologies. Bring it on.

  9. […] out new pet products is remarkably educational, especially at pet industry events like SuperZoo in Las Vegas annually. There’s always something new to learn whether it’s about collagen as the new […]

  10. […] Association) should take note, and follow Oakville, Ontario’s lead: the Oakville Tails and Treats Halloween dog event drew crowds of Fido fanatics downtown in […]

  11. […] her birthday, and finding a new experience for a dog whose life is a party of dog parks, daycare, waterparks, and basically non-stop fun is […]

  12. […] it is her birthday, and finding a new experience for a dog whose life is a party of dog parks, daycare, waterparks, and basically non-stop fun is […]

  13. […] Admittedly, I realized only this year that my dog is destined to celebrate pumpkin spice or Halloween-themed birthdays for the rest of her days. But that’s fine by me. She’s my first four-footed family member whose birthday I know for certain. Finding her was a process in 2020 when it was challenging to find pups. (Check how I found my dog).   […]

  14. […] a dog-friendly stop on a road trip between Hamilton and Sudbury, Ontario? I did. And that’s how my dog and I ended up at Parry Sound, on the edge of Ontario, Canada […]

  15. […] check out other Pet-friendly Halloween 2023 events here and consider entering our SodaPup Halloween Bundle Contest here (if you’re a US resident). Otherwise, please subscribe to dogtrotting.net to receive weekly […]

  16. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    I am thinking abt making bunches of bananas and hanging them on their head, with a brown jacket with leaves as the body. However, with the dog flu around, and no vaccines available because of a backorder and shortage, I am not sure I want to take my girls around other dogs at this time. My girls are seniors and my oldest has health issues that could be compromised by the flu and getting pneumonia. several dogs in the area have already died. We did not even go to the Blessing of the Animals this year. All of the shelters are closed for incoming and no rescues are taking in any animals for at least 30 days

    1. Dog flu sounds serious. Unfortunately, many shelters around here aren’t taking in anymore dogs either, but for other reasons. I’ll research the reach of dog flu and what areas are most effected. Thanks for posting!

  17. […] check out other Pet-friendly Halloween 2023 events here and consider entering our SodaPup Halloween Bundle Contest here (if you’re a US resident). […]

  18. […] October 2023 and shaping up to be all Halloween-themed at dogtrotting.net. If you haven’t done so yet, please enter our contest to win an awesome Halloween Bundle Box from SodaPup. […]

  19. My pups will be dressing as Spaghetti and Meatballs and a chef this year!!! This is the first year since I adopted my second dog, so we are going to do a duo theme!!

    1. That sounds like fun!

  20. […] In 2022, I revisited the Rochester Cider Mill with my new pup – unfortunately, Victor passed in 2020 – where both she and I discovered Mushroom […]

  21. […] In 2022, I revisited the Rochester Cider Mill with my new pup – unfortunately, Victor passed in 2020 – where both she and I discovered Mushroom […]

  22. Bryn Spuza · · Reply

    Fun! We love all the creative stuff from SodaPup!

    1. Thanks so much. I am now a big fan of SodaPup too!

    2. I loved seeing their stuff at SuperZoo – yes, very creative.

  23. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    Happy Birthday to Victoria. I can’t believe it has been 3 yrs. She is so beautiful as well as adorable. I usually take my girls to the local pet stores that have Hallowwen contests. They seem to haves less every year. I remember going to over 10 abt 10 yrs ago. Now a lot of companies do the Halloween contests online. I have not decided what they are going to wear. I try to make new costumes every year. One year we were The 3 Blind mice and the Butchers wife; Dorothy, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, etc.

    1. Judging by the detail in that Halloween custom, I bet you won a few contests. I’m not a fan of online Halloween events either – I’d rather go in person. Some stores near me are having Halloween photo shoots, however.

    2. Thanks! Yes, three years already…

  24. Thus is so awesome! My pups over to dress up.

    1. Thanks for entering the contest!

    2. The bundle box is really fun. Thanks for posting!

  25. Natalie Hartmann · · Reply

    My Frenchie, Jordan, would love this! He goes crazy when he gets deliveries and is so excited for new toys to play with. I adopted him three years ago and he has dresses up every year. He has been Frenchiestein and Dracula. This year, he is dressing up as a Werewolf.

    1. Frenchienstein is awesome. Thanks for reading!

    2. Congrats! You were randomly selected to win the SodaPup Halloween Bundle Box from SodaPup and dogtrotting.net. I’ve emailed you for a mailing address. Thanks for entering and reading dogtrotting.net!

  26. Jerri Loper · · Reply

    My dogs would absolutely love this as they love to participate in our Halloween festivities and some years dress up or get photo shoots with our Halloween decor. This would be an amazing treat for my sweet pack of 4.

    1. Thanks for entering the contest – a list of Halloween photo shoots is up next on dogtrotting.net. I plan to take my pup to a few.

  27. Dianne H. · · Reply

    lol, I ordered the pumpkin orange Jack-O-Lantern treat dispenser through your link. My girl told me she needs it now 😉

    1. That is my dog’s favourite … she’s been carrying it around like a ball.

  28. Dianne H. · · Reply

    omd, how cool is this box of goodies?! My girl always does something dress-up for Halloween, typically a bandana and headband. We also have some tulle skirts and assorted wings (ladybug/bee/unicorn) left from a previous pup. I checked out each of the Dogtastic Halloween Bundle items on Amazon and cannot decide which my girl would like BEST. I know she would enjoy all of them! Her weight is in the recommended range and she is an avid chewer (think nylon Vampire Bat!). She is a herding mix, so she always needs something to do. The Zombie eMat (dishwasher safe!) would be perfect for enrichment/entertainment, as would the adorable rubber treat dispenser. I loved reading the ingredients on both flavors of chewies. All are healthy and wholesome, something I feel good about feeding my girl. Thanks for the opportunity! And most importantly, belated Happy Birthday to Victoria!!

  29. Wendy Browne · · Reply

    I don’t dress my dogs up yet Halloween is every day for me. I’ve been wanting the SodaPup bat since it came out for my dog Drakula.

  30. My dog will be dressing as a unicorn this Halloween … well, as long as the custom stays on. What about your dog?

  31. […] bundle box of SodaPup merchandise to review from the company after admiring their products at the SuperZoo pet tradeshow […]

  32. […] Note: Information was updated in September 2023. Check out our 2023 experience here. […]

  33. […] (until the apples are gone). Luna Farms is located at 661 8th Road, Stoney Creek, Ontario. Also, Ridge Road Winery is nearby – if it’s warm enough, sit by the pond with your dog and enjoy a glass of […]

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