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  1. […] Sandman Hotel Seniors’ Discount – One of my favourite dog-friendly hotels, the Sandman and Sandman […]

  2. […] I’m a fan of earthbath® pet products, and not only because I’ve been sent products for review. Earthbath is a good company that develops Earth-friendly natural products, often sourced from renewable […]

  3. […] are recorded to nest here. Any park that’s heavily bird focused, or popular with birders such as Point Pelee Provincial Park (see here), has some reservations about dogs … especially a high-energy bird dog like […]

  4. […] might be my pup’s birthday month, but November is when we celebrate her ‘gotcha’ date. Mid-November in 2020, I made the six-hour drive to pick up my new Sprocker (half Springer, half cocker, and all […]

  5. […] I go to NYC – ok, Manhattan – I must stop a the AKC Museum of the Dog. In fact, I was at the inaugural weekend opening and couldn’t have been more excited. Although the museum isn’t dog-friendly every day (odd, […]

  6. […] my new girl leash walking better, I’ll take her along assuming I’m not flying. And not going to the Westminster Dog Show, which is usually why I’m going to NYC each […]

  7. […] Here’s a mistake I make a lot while travelling: I forget to bring any dog water bottles for my high energy pup. On a road trip, pet hydration is particularly important. And she usually asks for water after a vigorous off-leash run, even when we’re just stopping at a run along the highway. […]

  8. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    never heard of mushroom popcorn, unfortunately my dogs cant have some of the ingredients due to diet.

    1. I hadn’t heard of it either – apparently, there are different kinds of popcorn. But now I’m noticing – yes, most kettle corn and caramel corn is mushroom popcorn – a different shape than movie popcorn.

  9. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    you have so many places near you. wish i had a few that did this.

    1. I’m always surprised too – apparently, this cidery has been there for a while but I just found out about it thanks to a publicized dog event.

  10. […] Prior to heading to the Halloween Spectacular at the West Avenue Cider House, we’ll be heading back to often, we spent the morning at Bring Your Dog Café in Hamilton, Ontario. Thanks to Bow Wow Photography – who set up for the afternoon in the backroom – for the great pumpkin dog pics of my two-year-old Sprocker. These are the first of many to come this holiday season. […]

  11. […] not with the dog, you can sit inside West Avenue Cider House enjoying one of the amazing looking wood-fired oven pizzas with crusts like puff […]

  12. […] ago, before I had a dog, I took my cat Kaitlynn to a ‘pet photos with Santa’ opportunity at PetsMart, and I’m not sure she ever […]

  13. […] there’s one thing I can’t have enough of, it’s photos of my dog. Even better, if it’s professional photos of my dog because others do it better than me […]

  14. […] from 9 am to 6 pm. Plan to spend about an hour here before moving onto other cider mills such as Yates Cider Mill that’s surrounded by scenic walking trails dogs […]

  15. […] and that means one thing: our annual trip to Michigan, specifically Rochester, Michigan also known as cider mill central. Of course, I took my dog, so […]

  16. […] in fall 2022 from the Canadian Pet Expo was the main stage of entertainment, including agility demonstrations, and a dock diving tank. […]

  17. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    Wow sounds like you both had a great time. I am not a fan of camping since I had to do my college internship at a campground for 3 mos in the middle of nowhere. Never again. Glamping I might try if it is really nice. Victoria looked like she had a great time.

    1. Wow. I can’t imagine three months … even glamping. Three days was enough for me.

  18. […] check our adventures along the dog-friendly Apple Pie Trail in Blue Mountain, […]

  19. […] Ultimately, many considerations for taking your dog with you are the same as any festival of densely attended outdoor event. Check out our festival-going considerations here. […]

  20. […] Select the dehydrate setting, set the temperature to 60 degrees, and dehydrate for seven hours. Check out other dog apple treats here. […]

  21. […] years ago, after the loss of my previous dog, I headed out apple picking at The Apple Orchard along Highway 6 near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I was dog-less then, and it was weird. As far as […]

  22. […] you’re in Nova Scotia traveling the west coast from Yarmouth to Halifax, stopping at Kejimkujik National Park along the way, be sure to check out two […]

  23. […] on a three-day trip three years ago. Night number two at Pancake Bay Provincial Park near Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, Canada, I checked into a motel. Even my dog at the time was happier with that […]

  24. […] pool pooch plunge was a markedly different experience than my dog’s water splash pad experience last year (see here). We’re heading back to the Kitchener splash pad next week. Running through the water she loves […]

  25. […] to my adventure at Kejimkujik, I’ve never camped longer than one night and that was on a three-day trip three years ago. Night number two at Pancake Bay Provincial Park near Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, Canada, I […]

  26. […] my pup this fall is in the plans, but I’m not yet certain where. I do know it will be in a dog-friendly oTENTik because that’s what made the Kejmkujik experience for me. The oTENTik and the beauty of […]

  27. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    wow, i bet you had a great time. thanks for the updates. Victoria lucked out on lots of new toy and treats.

    1. There was so much stuff … so many unique and funny ideas for pet toys.

  28. […] particularly loved spending two full days at SuperZoo, a pet industry trade who filled with everything you can imagine for fury, scaly, and feathered […]

  29. I love finding new dog friendly places, especially if they’re historic! What a beautiful place, with so much great history. I love the boxed lunch idea! Sharing.

    1. Thank you so much!

  30. […] leash-free dog parks are becoming ubiquitous in urban planning. What about dog waterparks? True, dog parks are not for everyone and can be a hot bed of controversial dog-related […]

  31. […] Anne is another stop along our maritime road trip with the dog that’s taken us from Saint John, New Brunswick, to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and now to the dog-friendly Parks Canada Historic Sites – first, Port […]

  32. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    I envy you. I always wanted to go to a big pet event. Harley’s favorite toy are the small oval flat bouncing balls with the faces on them, she cant get enough playtime with them. At one time there were all over my house, since I had brought a package of them. Tressa like the small stuff toys with squeakers, even though she cant hear anymore. She likes small toys that she can carry in her mouth, one of her favorite is the little lamb. She will hide it from her sister. .

    1. Sound like you have a full house. That is so cute… hiding her lamb from her sister! Yes, SuperZoo is one big pet event – it’s industry focused, so it’s essential for retailers with stores.

  33. Julie Dawson · · Reply

    Springy LOVES anything that squeaks and will play with it for hours.

    1. There are some squeakers in the prize box!

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