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  1. Great article Sherri. I love that you added what causes hot spots, and methods of prevention in the article.
    I live and work in the UK, I am going to see if Amazon Uk sell the earthbalm.

  2. […] cities. When we hit Halifax on our post-pandemic pet friendly road trip, we’d already been to Yarmouth, Saint. Johns, and Kejimkujik National […]

  3. […] three-in-one product like this one is also a great money saver (see other money saving pet suggestions here) and check out our previous article about common canine health issues and how to prevent […]

  4. […] only healing balm for dogs out there, but it is one of my favourite having tried a number of its environmentally conscious products […]

  5. […] also not the first time on the trip I’ve enjoyed pizza and beer indoors with my pup either – Saint Johns, New Brunswick was our first dog-friendly brewery stop. I’ve got to say, I’m loving the dog-friendly brewery […]

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