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  1. […] I first discovered Hounds of Erie while touring Norfolk County with my previous dog, Victor. (Check out our adventure here, along with other Norfolk sights to sniff). […]

  2. […] For some dogs, the sound is the satisfaction of a successful hunt. Maybe that’s why my light-mouth part bird dog isn’t drawn to squeakers. Crackle, however, she’s developing a taste for. (Side note: if squeaky toys drive you crazy, check out this option). […]

  3. […] product company Tall Tails (who we met online this year at Global Pet Expo and previously met at SuperZoo). Tall Tails has developed yet another characteristic durable, tasteful unique product category: […]

  4. […] I thought much about until I explored the how and why behind many new dog toys revealed at Global Pet Expo 2021, one of the largest industry events in North […]

  5. […] Victor, passed away in July. I miss him each time I get into the car. (He’d visited many dog-friendly wineries with […]

  6. […] Sleeping Giant Provincial Park has 100 km of hiking trails and some of the highest cliffs in Ontario. And, hopefully, we’ll get to stay in Cabin 4, one of the cabins or yurts Ontario Parks has designated pet friendly. […]

  7. […] be sure to check out Valentines Day Contest and New Shop Celebration! (Contest ends February 14, […]

  8. […] nervous pacing or even overly excited and jumping. That last one I have to still work on with my new puppy. Coming up soon…. Puppy Training Class […]

  9. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    Some of these things I think, are just new ways to market or promote new items. I just read where if your dog has liver disease you should not give them cbd oil. I would not give my dogs rawhide. I have been using freeze dried meats for a very long time. I like Steve’s, Open Farm, Stella and Chewy and a few others. I read the ingredients on everything I give my dogs, try to stay away from added salt and sugar and anything I don’t know what it is. Also there is lawsuit against Seresto collar. About time. Too many dogs have died or caused health issues. I got one from my vet before they were sold in the stores. It was the downfall of my dog. She was a healthy girl, then started to have heath issues- kidney, loss use of hind legs but later recovered, got vestibular twice, which caused her back issues from going in tight circles, lost hearing, started to go blind, became allergic to almost all meds and vaccines and developed a very rare form of cancer which is not really seen in min. Schnauzers.

    1. A lot of this is a marketing strategy, yes. I’ve always been curious in trends, though – trying to figure out why people do what they do. The marketing is really for the people. I’m certain my dog doesn’t care whether her grains are ancient or not.
      I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. That is absolutely tragic. I don’t know a lot about Seresto collars because I believe they were never approved to be sold in Canada. I met company reps years ago at a US dog event, and I was skeptical especially when they told me the product wasn’t available in Canada then.

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