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  1. Jerri Loper · · Reply

    My dogs would absolutely love this as they love to participate in our Halloween festivities and some years dress up or get photo shoots with our Halloween decor. This would be an amazing treat for my sweet pack of 4.

  2. Dianne H. · · Reply

    lol, I ordered the pumpkin orange Jack-O-Lantern treat dispenser through your link. My girl told me she needs it now 😉

    1. That is my dog’s favourite … she’s been carrying it around like a ball.

  3. Dianne H. · · Reply

    omd, how cool is this box of goodies?! My girl always does something dress-up for Halloween, typically a bandana and headband. We also have some tulle skirts and assorted wings (ladybug/bee/unicorn) left from a previous pup. I checked out each of the Dogtastic Halloween Bundle items on Amazon and cannot decide which my girl would like BEST. I know she would enjoy all of them! Her weight is in the recommended range and she is an avid chewer (think nylon Vampire Bat!). She is a herding mix, so she always needs something to do. The Zombie eMat (dishwasher safe!) would be perfect for enrichment/entertainment, as would the adorable rubber treat dispenser. I loved reading the ingredients on both flavors of chewies. All are healthy and wholesome, something I feel good about feeding my girl. Thanks for the opportunity! And most importantly, belated Happy Birthday to Victoria!!

  4. Wendy Browne · · Reply

    I don’t dress my dogs up yet Halloween is every day for me. I’ve been wanting the SodaPup bat since it came out for my dog Drakula.

  5. My dog will be dressing as a unicorn this Halloween … well, as long as the custom stays on. What about your dog?

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