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DOGtrotting_logo (small)Meet Victor and friends…

Victor, mascot of

Victor, mascot of


Meet my dog, and occasional travel companion, Victor. He’s a 12-year-old terrier – cocker spaniel, Jack Russell,  poodle cross – who thinks he’s king of the pack. I got him by accident – as I have all my pets including my beloved 17-year-old domestic short-haired cat, Kaitlynn (who unfortunately passed away on June 30, 2016. She is deeply missed).

Kaitlynn at

Kaitlynn (1999-2016)

My sister could not care for Victor and my nephews were very attached to him, so I took him to keep him ‘in the family’ more than six years ago.

Best impulse decision ever.

Since then, he’s become my star travel companion, a valued member of my family and essential to

Prior to living with my sister, Victor lived in two other homes and was surrendered to the Human Society twice … yes, twice. (He can see the dog control truck coming a mile away). Rest assured, he’s now found his forever home.


Victor’s household companion is Sally, a young cat rescued from a hoarding situation who found her way to our home through my Vet. She has severe food allergies, which will be an ongoing challenge, but is sweet as a button and even cuter.

pet products daisyDaisy!

He’s also warming up to our newest addition, Daisy, a three-year-old muted calico cat who came to us through Ladybird Animal Sanctuary.  She also has food allergy issues, so should fit right in with Sally (or at least eat the same food).

Sasha!Sasha being a dog in the 1000 Islands, Ontario, Canada

Another character you’ll likely meet on this blog is Sasha, born in March of 2013; she is a chocolate lab and very much a Victor fan, who she reveres as big brother and mentor. She has accompanied Victor on many dog-friendly trail and urban adventures.


Tina Twinkle Bunny

And finally, the rabbit – Tina  Twinkle Bunny – that I got because of Victor… but that is a story for another posting, and maybe another blog. (Editor’s note: Sadly, Tina passed away on July 21, 2015. She is deeply missed).


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  2. Hi, Sherri. You had total 6 but right now you have 3, Sasha, Daisy, Sally? I’m really sad for the rest 3 as my cat also died. That’s very sad for me after my cat pushy died. I never forget Pushy. 😦
    By the way, Glad to see your family.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello Sherri. My name is Gabriela and we meet at the Travel Massive event this past week (I was with my baby and our dog Joe). Loved your blog! 🙂 Best, Gabriela


    1. Good to meet you and the family … and charming Joey. I’ll check out gabynocanada. Hope to see you at a Travel Massive event again.


  4. Sheila · · Reply

    What a great site! I’ll be checking it frequently for events and travel tips this spring and summer. I also have a mini Schnoodle! Am hoping to train him for therapy work. Awesome little dogs.


  5. […] cat and soul mate of 17 years, Kaitlynn, is in the later stages of kidney disease and is essentially in palliative care. I’ve been […]


  6. Good points. I plan to evolve this blog significantly in the new year.


  7. Love your pet pictures. Need to expand on your dogtrotting blog. Vacations ideas with one’s extended fury family. Teaching your family pets social skills and house manners. Just some thoughts


  8. Adorable collection of family pets. Although they can be a handful at times, they always manage to make us smile and laugh when we seem to need it most


    1. Yes, that page is a family photo album…


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