Travel Resources’s useful information about travelling with dogs (and other resources)

There’s plenty of advice on the Internet about traveling with dogs. Some of it similar; some of it contradictory, so sort through yourself or select the source of information you trust most. Here’s a list of expert opinions:

How to Find a Vet

How to find a vet while traveling. Good advice from Go Pet Friendly.comHow to Find a Vet While Travelling

Specifically, if you’re heading to a lake and aren’t sure what to take, here is sound advice about life jackets, conditioning of your dog, weather condition precautions and boating from My GVGB Life dog blog: Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Lake

How to Travel Safely advice about travelling with dogs: Travelling with Dogs

Dog travel tips from the American Kennel Club (that apply to mix breeds too): American Kennel Club’s advice for travelling with dogs

Detailed travel tips from the American SPCAASPCA Tips for Road Trips with your Dog

A related link – advice about dogs that fear riding in a car also from the American SPCAFear of Riding the Car

For additional tips about travelling with pets, including how to find a ‘pet relocator’ in the U.S. check out the Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Pets on a site called Upgraded Points. (Note: this site has affiliate links with credit card companies).

How to Travel Internationally

If you’re considering international travel – especially with a dog small enough to ride in the cabin of a plane (recommended over checking) – he is a very thorough list of consideration from blogger Sonja Lishchynski:  How to Travel Internationally with Your Dog

Other Useful Site and Information

How to bring your dog to Canada – Regulations and Rules: Entering Canada with Your Pet GC regulations

If legalize confuses you, or you want to skip to a more simplified version, here’s a reader-friendly explanation from Go Pet Friendly who summarize the documentation you need, the amount of food you can bring (20kg) and other specifics including the Ontario Pitbull law (which has grey areas): Go Pet Friendly’s Guide to bringing your dog to Canada from the U.S.

 How to take your dog to Ontario, Canada Parks:

portburwell 013

Here’s a link to a list of Ontario, Canada provincial parks that are not only dog friendly, but have designated dog exercise areas in the park and on the beach. There’s also a list of dos and don’ts to follow so all have a good time:  Ontario Provincial Parks Reports 

 How to bring your pet on a plane:

This is an excellent guide to traveling with your pet on a plane. Listed are Canadian and American airlines and company policies regarding taking Fido on a flight: Go Pet Friendly’s Airline Guide (

Canadian Airlines Rules and Regulations:

Rules and Regulations for bringing your pet on an Air Canada flight: Travel Air Canada with your pet

Rules and Regulations for bringing your pet on a West Jet flight: Travel West Jet with your pet

For another extensive list of the pet policies  for other airlines in the world visit this page on (specializing in online bookings at pet-friendly hotels) that links to almost every airline on the globe:  Bring Fido Airline Policies 

Other useful pet travel sites and info:

dog in, a site started by a travel agent named Jerry Hatfield, is full of useful advice and information about how to travel with any pet, not only dogs, and has a link to pet-friendly hotels and resorts, most in the U.S. The is also a link to American, Canadian and International pet ‘passports’ that can be purchased through the site: Passport News

Car Rental

Thanks to the good people at pet travel, here’s an extensive list of car rental companies in and their policies about using their cars to transport pets. Most allow it, but might charge a ‘cleaning’ fee at their discretion: Pet Policy Rental Cars

Ocean Cruising

Again with thanks to, apparently the Queen Mary 2 is the

Dogs in waterpark at SPCA Walkonly long voyage passenger cruise ship that allows pets on board. But note, that’s in the kennel facilities only and not kept in the room with you. You can visit your furry loved-one, however, at certain times of the day: Queen Mary II 

Best Dog Places in U.S.

A fun article mentioning five of the most dog-friendly places in the U.S., according to the author, and references to both and 5-Dog Friendly Destinations 

Aircraft Caution

Finally, this is a sobering article about the increase in pet deaths on aircrafts during the past few years. It’s worth thinking about before you put your precious cargo into the cargo hold: Pet Deaths Continue on Airlines (Huffington Post) 



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  2. Thanks so much for the information about dogs and destinations. This will be really helpful when I travel with my dogs.


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