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Dock dog Dingle Bay, Ireland

Travel: Dingle, Ireland. Seafaring Dog Chance Encounter

I met this salty fellow on the dock at Dingle Harbour, Ireland, while waiting to board a chartered boat tour that would take me out to encounter Fungie (Ireland’s most famous dolphin) and a bout of motion sickness. The informative historic bay boat tour – punctuated by a visit from Fungi – was awesome. Outside the […]

Sea Dogs exhibit at Door County Marine Museum, WI

Travel: Door County, WI (Part II): Sea Dogs in Sailor Suits

Sea Dogs is a combination of traditional wall-mounted information, life-sized replicas of famous Fidos, interactive computer screens where you can play dog-to-the-rescue video games and a kid’s dress up play area that allows little ones to crawl into a full-sized dog house for photo opts.

Travel, St. Jacobs, Ontario: Spoiling Me and the Dog

Owner Rachelle Latour opened this storefront at 4 Hachborne Street three months ago, but started out in 2005 making dog treats and dog birthday cakes and wedding cakes from her home. Yes, wedding cakes. A sample is proudly displayed at Spoil the Dog if you’re curious.

Amsterdam, Holland: Guard Dogs at the Amsterdam Zoo

Amsterdam is a city of movement. But it’s not ideal for dogs, and a week away from my furry family left me longing for their company … even in one of the most captivating cities in the world. Especially during the summer, throngs of tourists crowd the narrow streets of Amsterdam looking for glimpses of the […]

Shih Tzu

Saskatoon: Pooches, Hooches, and a soon-to-be framed Shih Tzu dog

This week, I will get this image framed. I found it in a pile of stuff in my office and remembered I purchased this irresistible photo card – of a wind-blown Shih Tzu looking like a movie star – at the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan farmers market a couple of years ago when I was visiting the […]