Wiggle Waggle Walk 2018 Results Are In!

Whew. Home hours ago from our fifth Wiggle Waggle Walk September 9, 2018 and my dog Victor is sleeping at my feet already. (Check out last year here).

Thanks to all who donated to our dogtrotting.net team. Our final tally was $320 … $425 if you include the likely successful silent auction bids I left before the table closed. Silent auctions are deadly for me. I’m competitive. I love shopping. Hence, competitive shopping – just give me a pen and stand back.

spca walk a thon 9This year the 29th annual Wiggle Waggle Walk for the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA in Southern, Ontario, Canada happened along the shores of Hamilton Harbour in Hamilton’s Bayfront Park. Heavy winds kept things flying off the tables. The weather was threatening, though it didn’t rain.

Good thing too, because organizers had an entire festival planned this year with food trucks, pet food vendors (plenty of samples), an agility course, dog tattoos, police dog demonstrations and a leash-free fenced-in zone – Victor’s favourite.

Victor hates the leash. He’s also much nicer off leash and free. (Just like his fur momma).

Ren’s Pets was ‘top dog’ sponsor, so we took home a gift bag of swag.

Good to see the longest lineup was for the spay and neuter clinics the SPCA is sponsoring – a much needed service in the city.

As of the day of the event, 72% of the campaign’s goal of $50,000 was reached.

I’m looking forward to next year. I’ll likely register as dogtrotting.net and let’s hope we make the ‘top fundraiser’ website scroll in 2019.

spca walk a thon 8

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