Merry Dog Christmas 2017: It’s photo time!

Merry Dog Christmas 2017

DOGtrotting_logo (small)I’m not one to celebrate the ‘holidays’ with much enthusiasm, but if there’s a dog event involved, I’m there. Here’s our FOUR stops on the 2017 Victor with Santa photo adventure.

Did Santa bring Victor his wish list? Well, if all Victor wanted for Christmas was no more photos, he got that … eventually (until next year anyway).

First attempt was the Burlington Mall in Burlington, Ontario. For several Sundays, after the mall closed at 6 pm, pet parents were allowed in to bring fur babies to met the regular mall Santa and buy packages of photos. It took almost two hours, and I thought it was a fundraiser. It wasn’t. (Believe it or not, this was the most expensive photo of the four):

dog in burlington

Our Second stop was far easier and more fun: We walked into Ruffins on Main Street in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and bought almost a dozen pics on USB stick benefiting the Hamilton and Burlington SPCA. (The same organization who rescued my precious Kaitlynn). It’s also my favourite pic of the four:dog with santa spca

Third, almost by accident I arrived with ten minutes to spare at the well organized Photos with Santa event at My Dog’s Cafe on Locke Street in Hamilton, Ontario. This dog-friendly cafe invites fur babies and coffee-loving fur parents on a daily basis, but today was set up to benefit the Save Our Scruff local dog rescue:

vic with santa2Fourth and final stop: PetsMart in Ancaster, Ontario. This one was free and quick. One tablet-snapped pic with Santa was emailed to enthusiastic customers with perplexed pooches wondering what’s really going on. I promised Vic is was the last:




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  3. It’s awesome that pet parents could bring their fur friends to meet Santa! Adorable pictures!

  4. It’s awesome that pet parents could take their fur babies to meet Santa!

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    very cute. doesn’t seem to mind jolly old santa and his uniform. can’t say the same for the mailman

    1. True. Can’t say the same for the UPS or FedEX guy either. Or police officers… that’s fun.

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